Thursday, December 30, 2010

'The Mischief of the Mistletoe' by Lauren Willig

Lauren Willig is the author of this historical fiction/romance book published in November, 2010.  It's about Arabella Dempsey who becomes a teacher at a Young Ladies Seminary. Her aunt marries which leaves Arabella out of the inheritance, so in order to take care of her family she goes into teaching. While there she becomes involved in a mystery filled with intrigue and espionage, that begins with a cryptic message wrapped up in a Christmas pudding. She meets "Turnip" Fitzhugh, a brother to one of her students, who helps her find out what the message means and puts a bit of romance into Arabella's life too. Overall I thought this was a splendid book. I loved the characters immediately and of course, I am a sucker for the time period (early 1800's England). I'm also just getting started with the Pink Carnation series, so this book kicked that desire to read book two into overdrive!  I liked how the author wove Jane Austen into the story. It was entirely plausible and it fit perfectly. The Yuletide adventure was sheer fun and  I didn't like that I had to say goodbye to the characters when this book ended!! I got this book from Dutton Publishing. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction and a well-written book that engages the reader from the very first page!!! If you haven't read any of the books from the Pink Carnation series, not to fear, this can be a stand-alone read without any problems. Especially because the author fills you in on the characters with a little guide in the back. This doesn't have to be read during the holidays's pure fun during Christmas or not!!!!
I rated it 4/5
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Source: Dutton-Penguin Group
Author: Lauren Willig
Published: November, 2010
Publisher:  Dutton
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance...pure magic!
ISBN: 9780525951872
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  1. Somehow I just heard about this series a few months ago. How is that?!! So, I plan to read the first book in 2011 and work my way to this book :-) Nice review, Staci.

  2. Just the title alone would pull me in!! Sounds magical! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I love books that I don't like to say goodbye to when the book ends!

  4. Great review. I have had my eye on these books, but I am hesitating for some reason, might it be the mystery aspect?

  5. Another lovely review. I also love 18th Century England as a setting, and I love that the MC is a teacher. The mystery is an added treat and had I time to read adult books these days, I would be picking this one up for sure.

  6. I'm putting this on my wish list for sure! I love the Pink Carnation series - they're such fun. Great review! And happy holidays!

  7. So glad you have found this book to be delightful! I absolutely loved this book and, being a Pink Carnation fan, and so excited about her next novel out in less than a month! Happy New Year :)

  8. sounds like a wonderful book! i'm glad you enjoyed it so much. i have a couple of her books sitting on my shelf, but i haven't read them yet. reading your review makes me want to pull them out and read them.

  9. As a reader (and loving it) of the series, I will defnitely pick this one up.

    Happy New Year!

  10. i really wanted to comment on your year-end post, but couldn't figure out where to do so--it didn't have any comments and it's early here, so i might have missed it!

    i am marveling at your ability to read so many books in a year--i barely made it through 153--and that was with 45+ being audio books! wishing you a happy and healthy 2011!

    --nat @book, line, and sinker

    ps. would you be kind enough to open your comments to accept NAME/URL? it's a bit tricky to for self-hosted bloggers to leave comments on some blogger blogs unless we use google, which isn't my fave. thanks!

  11. Skimmed this review because I am not as far ahead in this series, but caught the Austen bit. Cute!

    Happy New Year :)

  12. for some reason I couldn't leave a comment on your wrap up post. Congratulations and well done! I have to say that I love reading your reviews. I think you do a nice job.

  13. I can't comment on your 2010 in review post. Did you change something?

  14. I just love the cover on this one. Glad you enjoyed it so much. If you like historical England setting, you might like The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly if you haven't read it. Rhapsody in Books did a fantastic review of the book and I just had to read it.


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