Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mailbox Monday and It's Monday...What are you reading?

Mailbox Monday
is hosted by Kathy of Bermudaonion's Weblog (September Host)
We share what books that we found 
in our mailboxes last week.

Dating Mr. December- for review from Sourcebook
How to Read the Air- one of my last requests from Shelf Awareness (I have put a ban on requesting ARCs on myself!!)
The Girl Who Played With Fire- from a fellow Michigander Kathy..Thanks Kathy!!

Hosted by Sheila
One Persons Journey Through a World of Books
Weekly meme where we discuss the books you've read
and those you plan to read in the coming week.

Read and reviewed over the last two weeks:
The Lumby Lines- absolutely loved this quaint book and relish the idea of the continuing on in the series! 4/5
An Echo in the Bone- I am hopelessly addicted to this Outlander series. This one was great until it ended! 5/5
Dracula in Love- Excellent story told from the POV of Mina  4.5/5
Waking the Witch- Wow!! This one knocked my socks off and I'm certainly reading the series!! 4/5
Six Sentence Saturday book:
The Amish Cook- authentically Amish..great book with delicious recipes. 4/5

Tentative reviews for this week:
Tuesday- The Marshall Project (Yes, I really will post this one!!)
Wednesday- Vanishing TLC Tour stop
Thursday- Hothouse Flower TLC Tour stop

Books on the nightstand:


  1. How to Read the Air looks like a good one. Good luck with your self imposed ban!

  2. You had a great week Staci, I'm reading an Elizabeth Chadwick this week too.
    I've been meaning to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for forever, maybe we could follow Sheila's example and pinky promise to read it together soon?? LOL

    I'm off to check out some of the reviews I've missed. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

  3. Nice mailbox! I read A Hope Undaunted last week and really liked it :) Also, I've only read Outlander (the first book) but I can see me becoming "hopelessly addicted"!

  4. I am jealous that you are raeding A Hope Undaunted! I can't wait to read it. I put myself on a ban of requesting books a couple of months ago and did not have any committments for Sept. and it was great. I think I have just a couple for October.

  5. I so need to read the Stieg Larsson Trilogy. enjoy the new books Staci

  6. wow, great week. A Hope Undaunted is on my wishlist. Enjoy!

  7. I am adding books to my list.... Love your line up..

    How gorgeous is that cover on the Lessman book...

    I really need to read that Outlander series- I sometimes feel like I am the only one left to read it...

    Here's mine

    Happy reading week my dear...


  8. I have How to Read the Air too. I keep requesting books from Shelf Awareness but haven't been getting quite as many lately which is okay, because I have a bunch of your books to read that you lent me plus library books. I just can't seem to help myself from requesting books from the library.

  9. That air one sounds really interesting... can't wait to hear your thoughts on that! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. Quite the week! I'm reading a Hope Undaunted this week. Enjoy!!

  11. The Lumby Lines - I must go look at this!

  12. Oh, arc ban, I have a library and buying ban on myself ;)

    I see that you are reading Chadwick this week, can't wait for your thoughts

  13. Dating Mr. December sounds like a fun read!

  14. Dating Mr. Dec. looks cute!


  15. I hope that you enjoy The Girl who played with fire...I liked it even more than the first book in the series.

    Good luck with your ban on requesting ARC's! I can relate and have requested very few lately and should put a ban on myself as well. I am SO behind on reviews and reading and I have too many unread books waiting to be read!

  16. I'm trying not to request books too but there have been a few that have really appealed to me. I do miss reading whatever floats my boat though!

  17. I'll be interested to read your review of The Girl Who Played with Fire. Happy reading!

  18. Enjoy your new books! I hope you do better with the ban than I have. ;)

  19. I kee hearing that I will not like the outlander series... Is there alot of violence and wartime talk? This bores me quickly.... other than these parts I think I would like the series.

    What do you think?

  20. I'm limiting myself to only getting books that are posted to my WL through PBS. Hubby built me another 8 ft tall bookshelf and I still don't have room for them all. I'm hoping to get the Larsson trilogy soon. Everyone I've talked to says its great. Happy reading!

  21. You have a couple of cute ones there that appeal to me. Looking forward to your reviews.

  22. Meet a fellow Outlander addict! I just purchased the first two Stieg Larssen books, and I know that I'm probably among the last true readers to get to them, but I'm looking forward to them once I'm through with my review books. I think I will read them during the 24-hour readathon on October 9th! Great Mailbox!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  23. Lots of good books there! I really want to get started on the Lumby series - they sound like such fun reads. Hope you have another great week of reading!

  24. I finally read my first Elizabeth Chadwick, so now I am looking forward to reading more from her!


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