Monday, January 2, 2017

Practicing the Pause

What a fitting title for this blog post, huh? Practicing the Pause? I've been on pause for well over three years when it comes to writing on  my blog. Wow....time moves fast when you're not stressing over book reviews or trying to come up with clever content to keep readers engaged. Somewhere, something has shifted for me...I can't put my finger on it, but the time feels right to just get back to documenting my life. So, here I am, ready to jump into 2017.

A lot of people I know often pick a word that they want to reflect upon for the year..and I'm no different. This time around though I'm going to be sharing my daily walk with my word...Pause. Why did I pick this word? Actually, this word picked me. I ran across this image about pausing and realized that I so needed to do more of that..pausing...before I spoke, before I reacted, before I did most anything. My emotions and my heart rule my head and many times it gets me into some sort of trouble. When I feel passionate about something I just go with it and oftentimes I regret things that come rolling out of my mouth. The biggest problem I face is my has a way of holding me hostage for hours, minutes, seconds,,,,,and sometimes days. All of that time spent worrying about things that I truly have no control over and for what????? I'm a work in process...this blog is a work in process...but I feel ready to write again about life, crap, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We all have our demons and many things have inspired me to start to face mine. I feel like this year is going to be about peeling back my layers a little at a time...for now I'm going to pause (it's getting late and I'm ready for bed)....Hello, 2017.


  1. Hey doll! Happy to see you back. Great minds think alike as thinking of reviving my writing as well as blogging so here we go. Glad you are feeling inspired and going to 'practice the pause.' Very insightful! Hugs!

  2. Yesterday I wanted to leave a comment, but they weren't turned on ... LOL! Which was perfect because you were writing about taking a pause. Thanks for making me smile, Staci.

    As for me, I've taken a big pause from social media, especially Twitter. Now I limit myself to a few minutes on Facebook and I'm much happier for it. The "pause" is so healthy. Happy New Year, my friend!

  3. WELCOME BACK! Sooooooo happy to see you! :)

  4. Hello! Happy New Year. I totally understand what you are saying and get myself in trouble too with a mouth that works quicker than my thoughts.


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