Sunday, March 15, 2015

Life in the Thumb- Health Update

Hello Friends,

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table, listening to some great classical music, the hum of the washing machine, and drinking a lovely cup of coffee. I thought that it would be a great time for me to write down and share my health update with my friends as the weather is cloudy (with no chances of meatballs, unfortunately), and I have nothing pressing to accomplish today! That my friends = "sheer bliss!"

So, I left off my last post with the knowledge that I would be having a stress test just to make sure that the ol' ticker was doing what is was supposed to and keeping my body in an upright position while running. As far as I know my stress test went beautifully. I have never received a phone call from the cardiologist office nor one from my GP. I should be totally and utterly shocked, but I am not. I've left a message to call me about my results but I've received nada, zilch, zero..... no response. I'm going to run with the idea that everything is fine. God knows, I would be worth much more time and money to earn if there was something wrong with me.....right? And if that were the case someone would've called me. It's crazy to expect any type of communication from your doctor if everything checks out....???

This week I will be printing off all of my health information and making an appointment with my chiropractor. To some it may sound crazy, but this is one of the only doctors that I've visited who looks me in the eye, listens to what I have to say, doesn't tell me I'm crazy, isn't trying to write me a prescription, and honestly tries to find the "reason" why behind my symptoms. I'm going to focus on the menopause symptoms...that's what I honestly think is going on with me. I'm going to focus on my thyroid and adrenal glands...I also feel that these are issues. My mom had Hashimoto's Disease and all of her thyroid tests came back exactly like mine do, which is normal. On top of the fact that four of my female cousins on my mom's side have thyroid issues...I'm betting that there may be something up with mine.

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In the meantime, I am going to continue on the path that I've decided that is right for me. I'm drinking a green smoothie every morning, I'm eating less animal protein on a daily basis and incorporating more plant based foods into my diet. I'm trying hard every day to eat a rainbow of colors, no processed box foods, no GMO anything in my house or in my body, no sugar, no pop. Basically, I'm learning to eat as if I had to plant and harvest the food that I bring into my home.


  1. It is not crazy to expect communication from the Dr. even if the results are normal! I work with a chiropractor and massage therapist too, and they do more for me than any prescription. Natural supplements and essential oils are working for me with my thyroid and adrenal issues. I wish you all the best as you seek for that which will work the best for you!

  2. I am so over doctors right now, I could scream. I have a few health issues and the doctors I see all say I'm not bad enough to be treated. It is so frustrating.

  3. Your health goals sound very sensible, Staci. And as to the doctor's office, well, isn't that annoying? Yes, you'd think they'd let you know. Maybe they will mail your something. My doctor's office sends blood test results by mail to me, with notes on whatever is good or bad. That same doctor called me within an hour years ago when I had a pelvic ultrasound that was very abnormal. She said, you're going to have to do something quick and doesn't your daughter work for an ob/gyn? And she did and I got things tended to in record time. So, that's to say that if there was a problem, I'd bet they would have called.

    Good luck as you seek the cause of some of your issues. With a history of certain conditions, I think sometimes we just have to be assertive about our care. I had a nurse tell me that one time and it's also the advice that my daughter (also a nurse) would say. You know your body better than anyone. Take care and keeping you in my thoughts. :-)

  4. Good for you that you are taking your health into your own hands! I would be going somewhere else as well if I wasn't getting a call back. That is a bit ridiculous. My son had to have a heart test to make sure he didn't have a heart murmur and I raised hell when they didn't get back to me on it! He was fine but still....what it says about our health system when you have to fight to find out test results....ugh! Have a great week Staci!!

  5. We are working on limiting processed foods. I'm terrible with the sugar. Let's keep encouraging each other!

  6. I would not assume that no news is good news. I'd call them again. I've had the lab and doctor's lose my results before or forget to call me because the results came on while on vacation. The only good result is one that is confirmed, IMO. Call again, missy.

    Good luck with the diet. I love eating that way but it becomes a challenge with my family. I already have the gluten free thing going so doing that to them would cause pushback for sure.

  7. As long as you are doing what works for you, I say more power to you!

  8. Oh my goodness, I would have such a hard time with your diet although I know it's what we all really should be doing. With spring here, we'll do much better - Jeff and I will be empty nesters soon and I see a lot of salads in our future. Glad to hear that you're taking matters into your own hands regarding your health. I'd get my records from the doctors and then leave one more message for them - that they've lost you as a patient because of their disregard for their patients. They may think one patient isn't a big deal, but one patient talks to another person talks to another person...

  9. Yay!!! Doctors, while serving a purpose, are so limited in what they know and can do. Good for you for taking it into your own hands. Interesting about the chiropractor. Gage has seen every kind of doc under the sun and just in the past month or so a few moms recommending a chiro. I'd like to know what you think about your experience. Keep on keeping on, girl!

  10. Good for you! I had trouble getting information from my doctor a number of years ago, I was having some persistent symptoms and he just kept prescribing anti-biotics. My foot doctor was the one who found a diabetic ulcer on my toe and diagnosed diabetes. I switched doctors! My new doctor gave me a code and now I can access all my medical information from his web-site. That is a nice option. I hear you on the menopause! So much we've never been told! It's amazing how it affects the mind, the body and our over-all health. Good luck on your journey to better health and enjoy your day off.

  11. Eh no, even if everything is normal they should still contact you to tell you that. change your GP if you can because that's bullshit. i work in healthcare, so i know. Anyway glad all is well in that department.

    Been reading your past few posts, and totally love and understand your change of direction. I think that's all i need to say :) I'll be here to visit when I can!


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