Saturday, October 13, 2012

24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Movie Version

I'm watching movies based on books once again this year. That doesn't mean I don't like to read because I LOVE to read, but I had so much fun the last time I did this, that I wanted to watch movies again!!

Let's start today off with the Introductory Meme shall we??

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? 
   I'm reading from the Thumb area of Michigan! The weather is a bit dreary today but that's perfectly fine because it makes me feel better about staying inside and watching movies.

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
I'm really looking forward to watching the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. This book broke my heart.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
I love to read, blog, and share my thoughts with fellow bibliophiles!

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
I've been participating for a while now and the only thing I've done different is watch movies instead of reading!

I'm 4 hours into this fall's 24 Hour RAT: Movie Version.

Here's what I've watched so far:

Water for Elephants (read the book)- I absolutely loved this book and the cruelty to the elephants nearly killed me. I have to admit that I liked this movie for the most part. It's been quite some time since I read the story and maybe that was a good thing?? Overall, not a bad way to start off my movie-a-thon.

Rating: a good movie, not stellar but not terrible either.

Let Me In (want to read the book)- I recorded this one over a year ago on my DVR and was just waiting for a good time to watch it.  In my opinion viewing in full sunlight it best for those that scare easy (like myself!). This was creepy, gruesome, and now I must read the book!!!!

Rating: Worth watching but there's lots of blood!!! The two kids in the movie absolutely gave me the willies!!!

Tale of Despereaux (read the book)- I thought this movie was completely adorable and it had me wanting a little pet mouse that looked just like Despereaux!! The only thing that I really didn't care for what how the humans were drawn. It was hard to really like their faces because they were either too slim and sharp, or too round and fat. I understand that Miggery Sow needed to look a little pig-like but come on! Overall this was a cute movie that made me laugh!

Rating: Great book to read with the kiddies and then follow up with family movie night!

The Shunning (read the book by Beverly Lewis)- I really enjoyed this movie adaptation of Lewis' novel, The Shunning. The Amish characters really came to life and I loved that they even had the actors using the right accents of the Lancaster area Amish. This was a gentle movie and I wanted to know how Katie's story would end!!

Rating: A good movie that shows a side of the Amish they would rather keep hidden.

The Lincoln Lawyer (want to read the book)- Matthew McConaughey was simply wonderful in this movie! This movie had all sorts of twists and turns, the characters were incredibly well-drawn and executed by the actors, and the pacing was wonderful! I loved this movie and hope that we see Matthew reprising the role of Mick Haller very very soon!

Rating: Awesome movie that has made me want to run out and get this book!!


  1. Glad you liked Water for Elephants... I really had a hard time with that one.. LOVED the book... not the acting so much in the movie!

  2. I didn't think Reese Witherspoon had any chemistry with the male actors in that movie. I'm doing a football version of the readathon.

  3. I saw the Swedish version of Let Me In (Let The Right One In). I thought it was creepy but not scary at all. The girl was awesome.

  4. I like that you watch movies based on books. I think I will do that one day when I am off work. I started reading late today but I am enjoying reading and relaxing.

  5. Water For Elephants is one I have passed on--the book and the movie. I just cannot tolerate animal cruelty. Glad your day is going well--it is drippy wet here too. Just perfect for a RAT.

  6. I love your version of this Read-A-Thon! I should try it later this winter when I'm feeling the need to revisit some of my favorite movies. Have fun!

  7. What a great twist on readathon! Just love this idea... so many thing to watch. I haven't gotten around to Water for Elephants, but I loved the audiobook. Really need to watch the North and South BBC miniseries, too. Maybe RAT needs a special movie event??

  8. It was rainy over here too! I laid around a watched a couple of movies since my back is acting up today. I hope to read a little bit, while hubby watches the Tigers.

  9. Sounds like your movie-a-thon is going well. Water For Elephants is another one on my TBR pile, I was going to watch the movie but now I'm not so sure. Will check out Let Me In though, I don't mind a gory, creepy movie

  10. Still reading/watching? Put another movie in the DVD player and get ready for hour 20!

    Happy watching!

    Chris (Team Tootsie Rolls)

  11. Great idea, Staci! You should do a post on some of your favorite "books to movies." Enjoy!

  12. What an interesting take on the readathon idea! I don't know why, but I have a hard time sitting still long enough to watch a movie all the way through, but no problem reading for hours on end. :)

  13. I'm looking forward to reading the Lincoln Lawyer too! Nice movies!

  14. I haven't seen any of those but I love the idea of reading and then watching Desperaux with Gage one day.

  15. I had never heard of "Let Me In" until all of a sudden this month it's popping up every where as people are talking about scary movies and books. I'm not a brave girl when it comes to scary movies so I'll probably pass, but I'm intrigued.


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