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'Daily Guideposts 2011: A Spirit-Lifting Devotional'- a book that I'm thankful for

About: Daily Guideposts 2011: A Spirit-Lifting Devotional  features 55 contributing writers from all over the country including familiar favorites Elizabeth and John Sherrill, Oscar Greene and Carol Kuykendall. The familiar format of heartwarming stories, simple prayers and reflective Bible verses makes the Daily Guideposts 2011 a welcome companion in the lives of Christians who are seeking to experience a greater spiritual richness in their lives.

Why I wanted to read this book: I have many daily inspirational books that I've purchased for myself over the years. Usually I find them when I'm depressed, sad, or need to ratchet up my faith. Jessica from Phenix&Phenix sent me an email asking if I would like to review a copy of this book and it couldn't have been better timing as I was finding myself very blue about my son leaving for the Marines, having strained relations with my parents, and encountering some rough patches in my own marriage. I eagerly said yes because I needed to refill my glass of faith, hope, and perseverance.
What worked for me:

  • I've read the Bible through in its entirety in one year but I don't know scripture by heart or sometimes where to look for uplifting verses. What I always like about Guideposts is that each day's entry starts with a verse that has a direct correlation with the true, first-person story that follows.
  • You know that saying, "misery loves company?" Well, I truly believe that for those of us who need to find something spirit-lifting, like to immerse ourselves into stories of people who have felt at one time in their life much like we do, but have found a way to overcome it. This is what I enjoy about this book so much. I don't have to be miserable. I can find a story that may relate to how I am feeling at the time or how I may have felt at one time and learn from their experience.
  • It's beautifully laid out and easy to read. There is also a bookmark that has been sewn into the book for easy use. At the end of each month there are places for you to make your own impressions of your day. I like that and will use it to keep track of how the daily story may have impacted my attitude and enjoyment of the day.
Recommend?  I would absolutely recommend this book to my friends that are spiritual, religious or are just looking for a different way to start their day. I have a personal story to share about this book. As most of you know my oldest son is currently at bootcamp for the Marine Corp. His letters home have been wonderful, sad, silly, and very insightful. Just a few weeks ago I received a letter from him that found him questioning if this was the life for him. Should he be a Marine? I sat down and wrote him a 4-page letter detailing my thoughts and sharing some life experience with him. My son at times has said that he doesn't believe in God. Yes, that breaks my heart a bit, but I will not judge him for his views. He's entitled to feel that way and we never really put pressure on each other to sway the other person's beliefs. But I did go to January 14, 2011(His Graduation Date) in the Guideposts and what I read shocked me. The topic of the day was **** To Say Good-Bye. To me that signified saying goodbye to his old way of life and saying hello to the new man he will have become. Under the date the title of the story was ****** THE SHAPE OF CHANGE. So I did what any mother would do. I made a copy of this and wrote my thoughts on the bottom and included it in with my letter. Long story short, that story changed the way I viewed my son's questions and inspired me to write him a letter that was filled with optimism, understanding of his fears, and uplifting his own spirit.

My Rating: 5/5

Source: Jessica @ Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists
Author: various contributors

Published: October, 2010
Publisher:  Guidposts
Pages: 432
Genre:  Devotional
ISBN: 978-0-8249-4809-2


  1. I love to use daily devotionals. I find that if I sit down with my morning tea and have a quiet time, my day goes so much better. It is amazing how a daily devotion can meet us right where we are and help tremendously!

  2. I am glad this one was so good for you. Not for me though, I get happy from just reading chick-lit, I do not need much to lift my spirits.

    And I do stay away from spiritual books, I am like all other Finns. We tend to feel those things are private and books like this one are more for those that go and shout their views..but that is just our way :) Cos we are a strange country. The non believers, the quiet ones and the shouting ones

  3. Staci, it is so helpful to find a book that speaks to our hearts at just the right time. I'm so glad that this devotional book helped you do that. What a powerful story of how you used the book as a way to share your thoughts and lift the spirits of your son and encourage him.

  4. Hi Stacy!
    I saw your comment on Bibliophile By The Sea (mentioning how you love cats) and I thought I would pop over.

    I am a Michigander too (Farmington Hills) so believe me I know about the "thumb!"

    I am your newest follower...and...if you are interested I have a Cat blog that you might want to check out. It is called Cat Chat and the link is

    Gotta support our fellow Michiganders! xoxo

  5. I have always liked these for about 20 years . I think they are wonderful devotional guides.

  6. I'm glad you get so much out of this book!

  7. I love how the Guidepost has already touched your life. My heart aches for you but I know your faith is strong and it will sustain you.
    I've also added your son to my list of prayers. I pray for the strength and courage he needs to complete his training.

    I'm also received a copy of Guideposts and will be reviewing it next week. So glad you gave it a 5.

  8. Oh Staci, the cockles of my heart are truly warmed at your posting.

    Thanks for sharing that lovely glimpse of your heart and the journey you share with your son and with HIM.


  9. Wowwwwwwwww! Staci, this sounds amazing! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the story about your son! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. I had to come back, I got worried that my rambling would be misunderstood when I meant no offence. I was just rambling on about religion, I tend to do that, I always find it so interesting how here 85% of the population belong to the state church but the only ones that express their opinion and seems to be comfortable with their religion are those that belong the free churches

  11. My father has always read daily devotionals, along with the Bible until a few years ago when he fell and had to placed in a nursing home. I think this would be an excellent book for him and will have to look into getting it for Christmas. Hope they have large print version.

    I am so glad you found solace in the book, something we all need in our lives, especially when things like having a son in the Marines is so worrisome. Great review, thanks for sharing it and your personal thoughts.

  12. Oh! I used to read Guideposts. It's wonderful that you are getting so much from this devotional . . . right place, right time! :)

  13. I am a sporadic user of daily devotionals, but have been thinking of trying one again this upcoming year. I will definitely check this one out.

  14. what a beautiful heartfelt post, thanks for sharing. I know it made my day better for reading it. (((hugs to you)))--I know how hard it is to send a son away from you.

  15. This sounds like a wonderful book Staci. I too look for books like this when I'm feeling down.

    Your personal story regarding your son gave me shivers. It's funny how things work sometimes, isn't it?

    Hugs to you my friend.

  16. My grandmother bought all of her children a Guideposts subscription every year for Christmas so I grew up with Guideposts in the house. I just gave this one as a gift so I'm glad it's so good :)
    I'll keep you and your son in my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine your pride and your worry.

  17. I used to read Guideposts all the time when I was younger. Have missed it and will have to get it again. These books do have a way of speaking to your heart. *hugs*

  18. Sounds like just the sort of book that I should keep in my desk at the office and take out each day to reflect on something positive. My mother used to get the Guidepost magazines and I always enjoyed the stories in them when I was growing up.


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