Friday, April 30, 2010

Library Loot

I've been MIA on my loot posts for a few weeks now. It's actually a good thing because it was totally out of control...I'm DEAD SERIOUS!! At times it felt like I would never make a dent in the pile. And to matters worse, all of my new book requests came in at the same time!! How does that happen??? Anyway, I had to take a really hard look at my library books and decide what I could "realistically" read. It was painful but I returned over 12 books. Don't fear though people, because I've already re-requested them, but I've suspended the dates until later this year!! Do you know how difficult it is to try to show control in regards to how many books I check out? I feel like a junkie!

Here's my current loot:

A Complicated Kindness- Miriam Toews
I have no one to blame for this one, nor do I remember why I requested it! I hope it's good!

A Constant Heart and Love's Pursuit- Siri Mitchell
Both of these books can be blamed on Amy's (My Friend Amy) awesome reviews!! Read them here and here.

Get Lucky - Katherine Center
Thanks to Dar (Peeking Between the Pages) I've brought home another book!

Just Jane: A novel of Jane Austen's Life - Nancy Moser
This one is being blamed on Nise (Under The Boardwalk)! Don't you love the cover???????

Noah's Compass- Anne Tyler
Passing the blame ticket on to Diane (Bibliophile by the Sea) and her excellent review as the reason why this one came home with me.

Pretty in Ink (Tattoo Shop Mystery #2)- Karen E. Olson
In a roundabout way this one can be blamed on Wendy (Literary Feline) because it was her review of  this one which made me pick up book 1 and got me addicted to this series.

I love how I've been able to justify and blame all of today's books, except for that pesky first one....maybe I should've left that one off!!!!
Books Read in 2010 to date: 79
Books read from the library: 57
Number of Books Checked out from the library:20


  1. Love the title of A Complicated Kindness. I look forward to reading your review and learning what it is all about :)

    Noah's Compass has been on my radar for quite some time. I hope to get around to reading it this summer.

    Looks like some great loot!

  2. I'll look forward to your thoughts on Noah's Compass. Anne Tyler has somehow become an author I prefer in audio format - have listened to 3 of her books in the last few years and loved them all!

  3. I know exactly how hard it is to restrain myself from checking out more and more books!! I took a realistic look at my pile as well and returned quite a few. I have only 26 out.

    Love the books by Siri Mitchell. Looking forward to Get Lucky. I brought home Noah's Compass too and could not remember why. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Your loot posts always make me giggle!! lol!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee how U always blame someone else for your book choices!! LOL!!! I think there's a self-help group for that! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. You got some great loot! All of my books would come in at the same time too - that's why I don't use the library much anymore.

  6. Ok Pretty in Ink looks like it would be a fun read. Yes, I get into a bind where I have a ton of books I have bought and haven't read yet. Which is worse that going to the library for them LOL

  7. I understand the feeling. I too have trouble restraining myself at the library.
    Looking forward to hearing about A Complicated Kindness.

  8. I am TRYING to take one book out at a time. When I'm in the library, I am just positive I'll read the five that I want to pick up but the truth is that I always return more than I read.

  9. Noah's Compass really sounds amazing. I've only read one Anne Tyler book to date, but I loved it.

  10. Lol, not that easy going in to a library ;) Luckily for me I give up on most and tell myself I will get back to them later cos I just borrow too many!

  11. looks like you might be in the mood for love. The Austen book looks good. I decided to read the Secret Diary of Charlotte Bronte along with the poems. I am enjoying it quite a bit. Thanks for the tip.

  12. I've missed your Library Loot posts. I read another Miriam Toews book and liked it.And I've seen A Complicated Kindness in my library and nearly picked it up a few times. So now I'm thinking that if you come back with a positive report I can bring it home and blame you!

  13. Having all those library books at home is a sickness..and one that I share. But if a book sits on my shelf for 10 days without me touching it, I start to feel guilty. What can I say, I was raised Catholic and the guilt comes with that territory.

    Somehow I had never read or heard of THE HOT FLASH CLUB. I got the book this week, read it in two days, and went back for the next two in the series. Not great literature, but I liked spending time with these ladies!

    So I went to the library and now have the other three books in the series here. I also got "My Beautiful Boy" and a couple of others.

  14. I love how you are able to blame so many people for you book lust. It's a great tribute to the book blogging community that we are all getting to hear about really great books we might otherwise miss. I put Just Jane on my library list so I'll blame you when I get it.

  15. Well, m'dear, we do understand. I took out a huge pile of books this week... and have already begun to wonder how I shall get them all read. They all called my name, though! You too?

    BTW, that wonderful list you gave me? The ones I hadn't read (which was most of them)... the library didn't have any of them! I was sooooo disappointed. But I have the list in my handbag, so next time I've got spending money for the bookstore, I'm ready!

    Happy reading.........Hugs, B

  16. I had to stop going to the library because I had no self control and then I felt like I had to read those books ahead of everything else. With the ability to renew, I started to lose control of what was due when!

  17. These look good, I love Anne Tyler, and I've read several good reviews of Get Lucky. Enjoy. ;-)

  18. I totally understand how library loot can get out of control. I had some books at home that I went through that are due and decided not to read some of them right now. I have a few books waiting for me at the library right now that I would rather read, plus I have a bunch of books of my own to read!

  19. I'm going to have to return library books unread this week too :( Looks like you've got good ones!

  20. A Complicated Kindness was a really good book. It was one of my favourite books from last year. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

  21. Sometimes you just need to re-evaluate and start over. Nice loot girl!


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