Friday, February 26, 2010

Review: Rainwater by Sandra Brown

Title: Rainwater
Author: Sandra Brown
Pages: 256
Published: 2009
Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction
Source: Library
Who Recommended Book to Me: Diane of Bibliophile by the Sea with her wonderful review!

 A romantic historical novel about an independent woman who runs a boarding house in Dust Bowl Texas.

My Thoughts:

 I haven't read Brown in ages because frankly, I was burned out on her writing. That has changed with this little gem. She states in the opening pages how she had been working on this book for quite a while and was really writing it for herself, thinking that her editors/publishers wouldn't care for it because it wasn't like her other books. I hope she realizes now that she should trust her own instincts first and that if she's happy with what she's writing ( and not under pressure to write another formula driven best seller) that others will enjoy it too! It was refreshing to read a book where the characters cared about morals, the edicts of society, and that helping your neighbor was more important than yourself. I learned some very interesting facts about the government's program, Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, where they paid farmers not to plant cotton, food crops, and to kill (more like massacre) their livestock. As always, there was a lot of corruption when the American farmer had to deal with the government back then. Pretty much the same as today.  The two main characters, Ella and Rainwater, are people that you will fall in love with. They each have a strong moral compass,and were willing to lend a hand no matter what the consequences may be. I felt this book gave me
a snapshot of an era gone by, and helped me really appreciate how Americans made it through the Great Depression. This book was a quick, entertaining, and enlightening read ,and one that I can totally feel comfortable recommending to others!!!!


  1. This sounds good, and I love the name of the character being Rainwater!

  2. I think I read one Sandra Brown book years ago and found it too "romance-y," but this sure sounds good. I love to read about the Depression because both of my parents lived through it.

  3. Great to see you enjoyed this one Staci. I was not a fan of her earlier books, but this one was good IMO--great review.

  4. I really want to check this out. I'm actually a huge Sandra Brown fan and still enjoy her romances. However, I think it's wonderful that she broke out of her mold and wrote a book of the heart, something that was important to her.
    Thanks for the review!

  5. This sounds fantastic! I'm really interested in historical fiction from that time period, and love books that give me, as you say, "a snapshot of an era gone by." Love it! I'll look for this one!

  6. Glad to see Sandra is back!

  7. I have not read Sandra Brown in a long time for the same reason. I will be checking out this one.

  8. hey, this sounds like a good one. Something different from Ms. Brown. My parents lived through the depression and I can remember my father talking about pulling Irish moss off of rocks to get one cent a pound for it just to be able to buy bread. Talk about back breaking work!

  9. I'm so glad the real Sandra Brown is back. She gave me so much pleasure in the past and then I also stopped reading the formula books. I like the setting and the sound of this one.

  10. I have this one and looking forward to reading it. Glad to hear it's one from she wrote for herself.

  11. Good to know-I have not read her in awhile.

  12. I know I used to enjoy Sandra Brown's novels but I havent read one for years. Nice review Staci!

  13. This sounds fascinating. I read two of her books, Standoff and Chill Factor. I enjoyed them both but thrillers aren't great literature. This sounds more up my alley. I may try it. Glad you enjoyed it.

  14. I really like the sound of this one--I'm adding it to my TBR. I like stories such as this that wander into days past and help us get a better look at those bygone days.

    My dad taught us many lessons based on his experiences of living through the depression.

  15. I've got this sitting on my eREader. I've read a lot of positive reviews for it.


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