Saturday, April 18, 2009

You Know You're Participating in a Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

Hey everyone!! We're more than halfway through the Dewey 24 Hour Read-a-Thon and I'm sure that some of us are walking around like zombies and needing a boost of caffeine right about now. So my challenge will not try to tax your mind too much.

Here's your prompt:

You know you're participating in a READ-A-THON when:

Be creative...use pictures, poetry, haiku, free-flow, rap, whatever strikes your fancy and just have fun with it. And don't worry if it doesn't make too much sense because I have a feeling there will be plenty of readers out there that at this point are getting a little slap-happy!!!
The winner will receive a $15 e-gift card from me to use at Feel free to leave your entry in the comments or post on your blog, but don't forget to leave me a link in the comment box!!



  1. You know you're participating in a READ-A-THON when:

    *you take your book with you to the bathroom

    *you don't want to go to dinner for fear of missing reading time

    *you're trying to figure out how you will possibly stay awake in the wee hours of the morning when you're usually in bed right after the news.

    *you can tweet, blog, and read; almost simultaneously

  2. You know it's Read-A-Thon when someone asks you what time it is and you answer "It's Hour Seventeen!"

  3. Shelburns : good ones! :D Especially true about the bathroom and dinner for me!

    You know you're participating in a READ-A-THON when:

    *Your reading suddenly sounds like a mathematics questions : If I read 60 pages per hour in 24 hours, and take a 10 minutes break every other hours, and that caffeine is being absorbed in 20 minutes and works for 80, supposing that no phone rings and that I don't fall asleep, how many books can I read????*

  4. You know you're participating in a READ-A-THON when:

    Your husband repeats a question he asks four times before you say "what?"

    You have one earphone in while you are grocery shopping

    Your phone conversations consist of "uh huh" and "hmmm"

  5. You know you are participating in a Read-a-Thon when:

    Your mind begins to wander. the crow building a nest in your chimney.

    Will it start a fire?

    I think not.

    But it sure is annoying.

    All that pecking while trying to read.

    ...and then you think of The Raven.


  6. When you tell your son you can't take a look at his essay until after the timer goes off because you're trying to determine your reading rate in your current book.

    When you're still up at midnight when you normally would have been asleep hours ago.

  7. You know you're in a readathon when you mentally count the amount of pages read at the top of every hour as you're reading.

  8. You know you are Participating in a REad-A-Thon when...

    --your significant other calls to tell you he misses you and you respond 'but honey--in the twelve hours we could spend together I could get 3 more books done and enter more mini-challenges!'

    --you try to figure out how you can dice potatoes AND read at the same time

    --when told family you haven't seen in years are coming for an early breakfast the next day your first response is 'That's only a hour after I should be done reading! That's too early!'

    --you've gone through a box of tea bags.

    --you don't care (or notice) that your hair is spiked out from being mussed up as you read

  9. Thanks for hosting this mini-challenge...I hope there aren't too many spelling errors in this part of the post; You'll have to scroll to the section of the post under Hour #17 for this challenge's's the link:

  10. You know you're participating in a read-a-thon when:

    you're anti-social for the whole day.

    you shut out all connections to the real world as much as you can and live temporarily in the virtual world where all bloggers with mind alike live, chat, read, and talk about books.

    you're thinking, "how many books in a day?"

  11. When I get to read more in 24 hours than I have in one week altogether!

  12. Getting too tired to be creative so I took a picture.

  13. *when your mind becomes so spaced and you can't string two sentences together.
    *when you brainstorm ways to make your bed uninviting
    *when you start pondering what it would be like if every day you could read this many books...

  14. You know your participating in a read-a-thon when:

    eyes burn into skull
    as words swim across the page
    but still having fun!

  15. Here's my contribution on my blog:

  16. You know you're in the Read-a-thon when:

    You've drunk a six pack of coke today and you usually don't drink any!

    You take the book with you to the bathroom!

    You make your husband cook dinner, the guy who burns water!

    You keep entering these contests with no hope of winning!

    read my haiku to coffee there!

  17. --When your husband puts a slice of pizza in front of your book and you didn't even hear him tell you he was leaving to go to Papa Murphy's.

    --When the characters in the two books you're reading start crossing over. How did Hercule Poirot get into China with the Good Earth people?

  18. You know you are participating in a read-a-thon when your eyes are crossed from all that reading, your barely awake, but still, you look at the dwindling pile of read-a-thon books and wonder, should I add a couple more books to the pile?

  19. There are some good ones here -
    You know you are in a readathon when the cat jumps on the back of your chair and you are so engrossed in your book you tell your son to go back to bed - and then realize he is at his Aunt's house!

  20. You know you're doing the readathon when after 16 hours of reading, you see a comment on your post that quotes the Perfect Strangers theme song and accidentally interpret it as a Nine Inch Nails lyric. Yeah. :D I think I need some caffeine.

  21. You know you're in a readathon when your husband thinks it's perfectly normal to build a "mountain" out of plastic blocks for a mini-challenge.

  22. When the kids have been let loose in the house, especially the kitchen, and you are too afraid of what you will find to even venture in. (It can be cleaned tomorrow, right?) See the picture

  23. - forget to eat in order to get to the good part.

    -tape your eyelids open to keep reading.

  24. Here is mine -

    doesn't translate well in text. :)

  25. You know you are participating in a readathon when you look up and realize it's 1 am and you are happy that you started at 8 instead of 9 because that means it's only 7 more hours and you can get to sleep!!!

  26. Here's mine. Thanks!

  27. *Your contacts feel like they're glued to your eyes.

    *You've consumed 10 times as many calories as pages read.

    *Your planning follow-up events already: 24 hour review-a-thon for all those books you've read; Google Day to catch up with all those posts you haven't read yet, and E-mail Sunday because you've got hundreds of messages.

    *Even though you won the state spelling be you have twenty errors in each post/comment.

    *12+4=24 right?

  28. You know you are participating in a read-a-thon when finishing a book and a half in five hours seems wimpy.

  29. i did mine in my hourly update.

  30. here is my entry
    it really is how I feel right now

  31. You know you're participating in the readathon when:

    You can no longer remember clearly which time zone you're in, and whether it's day or night. Thankfully the daylight is a helpful clue! :P

    The cats become confused by your strange non-sleeping schedule.

    You have so many windows open on your laptop (host site, twitter, etc. etc.) that you don't know where to look and instead stare blankly into the distance.

  32. You know you're in a readathon when....

    when you give up a shower rather than give up reading time don't sit outside cause you don't want people to try to talk to you

  33. My read-a-thon song:

    Oh read-a-thon, I love you so much. Love that I get to read and blog all night with such wonderful buddies. Oh read-a-thon, you are so fun to me. Except when I'm tired and my husband is in bed and my cat can't be found and my tummy is rumbling and I ate too many brownies and my eyes are stinging. But besides all of that--Oh read-a-thon. I love you so much.

  34. * You set up a time-sheet program in your PDA and log in and out for breaks

    * Your neighbor has a loud party and you feel only gratitude, because it helps you stay awake

    * You make arrangements with your SO to come by in person and wake you up so you don't sleep through Sunday

    * You worry about running out of books and wasting valuable reading time trying to choose a backup

  35. I'm enjoying this!

    Here's my experience.

    ... the only lights up is your lampshade in your mini-reading nook
    because everyone has retired for the night.

    ... you bring the book you're reading to the toilet as you pee. Hehehe.

    ... you realize that you've already on your third time brewing coffee to keep you perked up.

  36. I have shared my experiences here...

    Hope u are having a great time...

  37. I am not entering, obviously, just saying hi Staci!

  38. You know you are in a read-a -thon when you look over at 3am and the hubby and kids have made a tent in the bedroom and every snack is
    around them - you you are pissed off..

    Did i mention that when your computer table and surrounding is also a mess, that is a instant clue as well.

    Almost done... almost


  39. Hope you're doing okay still. :) We're heading into the home stretch, so best of luck to you!

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