Monday, March 4, 2013

Mailbox Monday and It's Monday...What Are You Reading?

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March Host is: Caitlin @ chaotic compendiums

Cover images courtesy of NetGalley
Once again, NetGalley got the best of me! I need to step away from that site for a while and honestly concentrate on reading some of the books that I've downloaded from them! One Step Too Far sounded too good to pass up and The House At the End of Hope Street really spoke to me. I'm going to try my best to refrain from NetGalley for the month of March. Wish me luck!

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Read and talked about last week:
Not a thing. My body succumbed to the flu/head cold/crapola that has been going around at school where I work. I'm honestly surprised that I was able to stay healthy for this long!!! I'm feeling a lot better but still have a little bit of a raspy voice and a strange hankering for DayQuil.  Not really! 
* If I haven't visited your blog lately please forgive me as I try to catch up with my book friends!!!

Bookish Thoughts this week:
Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

March Book Box: These books are titles from NetGalley that I want to read and clear off my dashboard. Anyone else reading any of these?


  1. The House at the End of Hope Street sounds good; enjoy!

  2. Lots of great cheerful covers for March! Happy reading.

  3. Hmmmmm the one about Hope Street intrigues me!

  4. I love that cover for The House book (reminds me of my favorite book ever as a kid, The Little House!)

  5. You have lots of good NG books waiting

  6. I wish you success on your goal to stay away from NetGalley. I've had that goal, but am being tempted by a few books! Hope you are feeling much better and are enjoyed sunshine on your side of the State.

  7. I've seen those books on Netgalley. Very tempting!! It's so hard to say no. Hope you enjoy them both.

  8. Just wanted to come by and say hi and tell you that I almost bought a Pride & Prejudice spinoff. I saw Death Comes to Pemberley in hardcover at my Friends of the Library Used Bookstore, but since I was already getting another book, I passed. But seeing it, did make me think of you.

  9. Hey, at least the books you got from NetGalley look good! I hope you love them.

  10. My goal is to request just one book at a time from NetGally... we'll see how that goes. I was very tempted by The House at the End of Hope Street!

  11. Poor you, hope you feel much better this week! And I should be joining you on the NetGalley ban, my lack of restraint is making me panic. I've been very good for 2 weeks and now I want the Wendy Wax book ... tell me no!! LOL
    Looking forward to your thoughts on Divergent. Happy reading :)

  12. I'm hoping to read The Best Man soon. It will be my 1st by this author but I'm looking forward to it since I've heard such good things about her. Enjoy! And I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Divergent!!!!! Yay!

  13. The House at the End of Hope Street has a great cover! Enjoy!

  14. This winter I have been sick 3 times! A record for me. I am totally blaming it on Gage. Those kids are germ magnets.


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