Sunday, September 9, 2012

Timeless Desire Contest- Books, shoes, and giftcards!

Gwyn Cready and her publisher are running a really fantastic SHOE GIVEAWAY to promote Cready's new romance, Timeless Desire: An Outlander Love Story (

You can win a pair of Dagger Pumps or a Zappos gift card.  There are five ways to enter (at no cost) and on Sept. 15, there will be a drawing. (Books will also be given away).  

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Click HERE for your chance to win!!!

Two years after losing her husband, overworked librarian Panna Kennedy battles to distract herself from crushing grief, while she wrestles with yet another library budget cut.  During a routine search within the library’s lower levels, Panna opens an obscure, pad-locked door and finds herself transported to the magnificent, book-filled quarters of a handsome, eighteenth-century Englishman. She soon recognizes the man as Colonel John Bridgewater, the historic English war hero whose larger-than-life statue loomed over her desk.

However, the life of the dashing Bridgewater is not at all what she imagined. He’s under house arrest for betraying England, and now looks upon her—a beautiful and unexpected half-dressed visitor—as a possible spy. Despite bad first impressions (on both sides), Bridgewater nonetheless warms to Panna, and pulls her into his escape—while both their hearts pull the other headlong into their soul-stirring secrets.

Very quickly Panna is thrown into a whirlwind of high-stakes intrigue that sweeps her from Hadrian's Wall to a forbidding stone castle in Scotland.  And somewhere in the outland, Panna must decide if her loyalties lie with her dead husband, or with the man whose life now depends on her.


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