Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fitness- Update #1 in 2012

Has two weeks went by already? I wish I had stunning news to share with you in regards to great weight loss, awesome recipes, and clothes fitting better. But I don't. What I can tell you is that being on the road is not conducive to losing weight!! My husband and I have been all over Michigan these past two weeks looking for our new camper. With that comes lots of time in the car and yes, you guessed it...eating out! I didn't weigh myself at home so I'm just going to say that I have stayed pretty much the same. I need to get my scales out ( my initial weight I posted 2 weeks ago was the scale at work) and post that on here later tonight. I'm just too lazy right now to get it out of the basement. Nice place for it though, don't you think???

New things I discovered:

  • A very cool app that you can use on your phone, computer, iPad, ...whatever you want! This is called My Fitness Pal and I just started using it today. One of the things that I noticed right away was how easy it was to use! Makes adding your food not quite the hassle and there's no excuse not to do it! Added bonus- it's free!
  • Losing weight with friends makes the journey a lot easier!! With this app, I have other friends who are using it and we can check in on each other to cheer on the weight loss or we can also stick a foot up someone's butt when they haven't logged in for a while!! I like that!! 
  • I must not go over 1200 calories, 192 carbs, 46 g fat, 52 g protein, 28 g. sugar and 2500 g. sodium. I love how this app takes care of my totals and at a glance I can curb my eating immediately. I have already failed in the sugar department though. It was my Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal that tripped me up! I'm removing that from my breakfast foods immediately!!
  • 173 pounds posted 6/1/12
  • same weight but will post what I weigh on home scale


  1. I use My Fitness Pal too! And my scale is in the basement - I try to weigh myself only once a week so having it down there helps me keep from hopping on every day (which causes me to obsess). But the app really keeps me in check with nutrition as well as calories. Have a good week, Staci!

  2. It is hard to eat healthy away from home. You'll get into the swing of things soon.

  3. Staci....I lost (4) lbs last week, but this week gained (1)lb back ?? We did eat out an awful lot and I didn't drink enough either -- exercise (lack of ) was another issue. I'm still happy though:)

    Good luck

  4. I'm hoping to get an iPhone at the end of the summer. Sounds like I should look into My Fitness Pal!

  5. I LOVE My Fitness Pal - glad you discovered it too. It is so hard to eat right when you are always on the go....

  6. Well I think it's great with all the traveling you have been doing is you haven't gained!! :)

  7. If you are trying to stick to 1,200 calories I can tell you that you might want to aim for 1,000. Most people eat an average of 200 unaccounted for calories everyday! So this will get you to your 1,200. :)

    I hope the scale delivers good news when you get home!

  8. Our scale is in our bathroom and it is not my friend. Maybe I should exile it to the basement!

  9. Good luck Staci. I know once you put your mind to it you'll do great. I'll have to check that app out. I don't have a lot to lose thankfully but I've noticed with the added stress at home I'm gravitating to food again and have gained a few. Either way I'll be cheering you on my friend!

  10. Well, I have been going to the gym since January and have really improved as far as stamina, but when I went to the doc last week, he said that if I was REALLY do all of this activity, I'd be a lot lighter now. That hurt because I am doing all of this activity but it's just not coming off. My BP was down, wayyyyy down for the first time in years and sizes have gone down, but weight was EXACTLY the same as in January!

    I don't count calories, it's true but when you are so sensitive to gluten, you pretty much each a veggie and a carb over and over again. There is no room for the other stuff and I am not into sweets, never have been. It all sucks the big one.


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