Saturday, April 21, 2012

24 Hour Read-aThon: Movie Version

Normally, I always read or cheer during the 24 RAT, but this year found me not much in the mood for reading. So, I decided that the next best thing would be to watch movies that were based on books. These are either books that I've read or want to read. I have been having a really enjoyable day watching movies and no stress about how many books I can get through during this time period.

Here's what I've watched so far:

Reservation Road (read the book)- this movie brought the book home in such a forceful way that I had tears in my eyes from time to time. I found it strange that there were some significan deviations from the novel mainly because the author wrote the screenplay.

Rating: Worth Watching

Secretariat (haven't read the book)- I really enjoyed this movie a lot. I'm a huge fan of Diane Lane and think she's fantastic. I love the story of the horse that won the Triple Crown. I did some research on my own and from the pictures I found, he was a magnificent beast! Horses are one of my all-time favorite animals and this one tugged at my heart. Great heartwarming story and one that the whole family could enjoy.

Rating: Worth Watching but I'm not going to read the book

The Social Network (haven't read The Accidental Billionaires)- I'm still divided on what I really think about Mark Zuckerberg. On one hand he was a real jerk, who was very socially awkward.  But as the movie was progressing I googled the rest of the players in this big stakes game and realized that the movie left out a lot of back-stabbing events that pushed Mark into making rash decisions about cutting his closest friend out of the Facebook billions.

Rating: Totally worth watching..especially sitting here with the knowledge that many of us have been totally SUCKED into the time drain known as FACEBOOK!

EDITED: 10:00 pm

A Single Man (haven't read the book)- this movie was wonderful. I felt George's pain and even though I couldn't fully understand his isolation in his grief (he was a gay man in the 60's who lost his partner of 16 years in an accident) my heart broke with the pain he was experiencing and also that feeling he couldn't share it with anyone.

Rating: For those that loved The will enjoy this one too. I'm going to watch it again and most certainly will be reading the book.

I am Number Four ( have the book, haven't read it)- I loved this movie...action packed and great effects with a soundtrack that I want to buy like right now! This was just a straight up fun movie and I totally see why my son and his friends really enjoyed it!!

Rating: Great action packed adventure..will make you want to read the book immediately!!

Becoming Jane- (haven't read the book but I would like to)- I really enjoy this movie and I whenever I watch this one I always hope that Jane knew love, passion, and ardent kisses!!! 

Rating: a must see movie for romantics and Jane Austen addicts!

Well, that wraps up my first movie RAT, but I'm sure it will not be my last. I still have to watch Invictus. I think I will save it for a rainy day!!!

Didn't get to this one: 


  1. I haven't seen Reservation Road but agree with you on Secretariat and The Social Network.

  2. Such a cool idea - sometimes reading is just not what you want. Hope you find some more fun things to watch.

  3. I was very disappointed in The Accidental Millionaires. I really enjoyed Bringing Down the House but Millionaires didn't come close writing-wise. A lot of conjecture and guessing made the whole book seem juvenile. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Great idea Staci! I loved Becoming Jane and liked I am #4.

  5. Hold on... you watched all of these movies today? woohoo :)

    I loved Secrtariat, the fb movie was good, Becomin Jane is a good. Enjoy!

  6. Staci -- terrific idea -- I saw all of these except Social Network and loved them all -- how about our Reservation Road?

  7. Great idea. The only one I have watched is I am Number Four. Enjoyed and seems like they left it open at the end for a sequel.

  8. What a great idea! I've read The Single Man and watched the movie and definitely would recommend the book. It does fill some things out. Colin Firth was fantastic in it! I love Becoming Jane and Invictus will make a great ending movie.

  9. Haha movie version, thats funny.
    Actually I always thought it would be a good idea to have a movie - thon and blog about it like this.
    Maybe we should start one.

  10. What a great idea!! I actually haven't seen any of these... but a lot of them are on my wanna see list!

  11. I love this idea of an alternative to the Read-a-Thon! Sounds like you had fun and saw a lot of great movies.

  12. What a fun idea Staci! I hope that you enjoyed all of these sounds like such a relaxing night! I split my time last night between reading and watching television. It was the perfect way to spend my evening :)

  13. Wow I love this :D I would totally do this too

  14. I've enjoyed several of these movies: Reservation Road, The Social Network, A Single Man, and Becoming Jane.

    I didn't set out to watch movies based on books, but ended up watching A Home at the End of the World, based on a book by Michael Cunningham; and starting to watch A Slipping Down Life, based on an Anne Tyler book.

    I needed the movie eyes were turning red and blurry from reading.

    I don't know why, but movie-watching is more restful...hmmm.

  15. What a wonderful way to spend the readathon! The only one I'd never heard of was the Single Man movie.

  16. WHY DIDN'T YOU GIVE ME THIS IDEA EARLIER?!?! There is no way I can do the RAT without having my mom here to help with Gage and that couldn't happen this time, but with movies I have more flexibility. Thank you for the idea for next time :)
    The only one I've seen is Becoming Jane and I really liked it. I need to see The Social Network.

  17. Love your take on the "readathon" :-) I haven't seen any of these movies - but I'm usually a read the book OR watch the movie type of person.

  18. Neat idea for the readathon! So glad you enjoyed Becoming Jane. I loved it. We enjoyed Secretariat, too.

  19. Good idea for the read-a-thon. I'd love to see Reservation Road but I want to read the book first. Now I don't know how I missed Becoming Jane because I love watching all those Jane Austen type movies. I'll have to check it out. Glad you enjoyed your movie marathon.


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