Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fitness Update #10

What I've been doing:
Well, since the holidays and my son being at boot camp I really ate all of my anxiety and all of that wonderful food that comes out during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I knew that I was totally off-track..I could feel it in my clothes. But I made a deal with myself that if I wasn't too much of a glutton I would get back on track once the holidays were over and once my son graduated. So today is the day that I begin son called his girlfriend last night (she missed the call) to let her know that he'd made it through the Crucible and was now a real MARINE!! I'm so proud of him..there are not enough words to describe my joy. This time next week I'll be in San Diego to see his official graduation and to wrap my arms around my first-born!! I can now quit using my anxiety as a crutch to eat and get focused once again on my health.

Weight Watchers and Me:
I know WW came out with their new program but I'm staying with the old one. I will incorporate more fruits into my diet because now they don't have any points associated with them! Another thing I'm going to start working on is jogging! I've been inspired by Mari (Bookworm with a View) all year with her preparation for the multiple marathons she runs and I just know that the key is getting started!! This is also a way to get our American bulldog Lily some much needed exercise!! So wish me luck friends...I'm not going to concentrate so much on my numbers but rather on how I'm feeling and how my clothes are fitting on me!!

Starting weight: 171
3/19/10: 168
4/1/10: 166
4/16/10: 164
4/23/10: 162
5/14/10: 161
5/28/10: 159
6/11/10: 155
6/25/10: 153
9/10/10: 153
10/15/10: 147
1/7/11: 157


  1. Congratulations to your son! My nephews leave this month for Marine boot camp.

    I am working on getting back on track as well. I will cheer you on from my side of the state!

  2. I lost a lot of weight (almost 30 lbs) this year due to illness. unfortunately now that I'm better my clothes tell me it's coming back :(

  3. Hey Staci,

    I read your post for today and can't figure out how to leave a comment. I was out of the blogging world for a little while and missed that your son has joined the military! I'm sure you are so proud of him. (For some reason, in my mind, he was around 15, so I was surprised when I read your post.) After my father passed away, we went through old photos and found a bunch from his military service and it really struck us what heroes these young people are.


  4. I'm sure it's a temporary glitch but for some reason I am unable to comment on your blog. I don't see a coment link.

    I just wanted to say that I gained 5 lbs with the new WW program. I've noticed that others in the meeting are losing so it must be me.


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  5. Hi Staci....I tried to comment, but think you need to enable comments??

    I just wanted to say that I gained 3.6 lbs sine 12/8/2010. Actually I was pretty HAPPY considering I pigged out. Back on program starting Sunday. Good luck to you.

    Diane D

  6. Thanks for the shout out - I have been busy prepping for tomorrow's run... I shouldn't be online!

    We have about 8 inches of fresh snow and the race event just emailed that they are imposing a timelimit now due to weather conditions. ugh... now I have pressure to keep running and less walking! I do know it's for safety.

    Did you get out for a jog today? Lily is waiting :)

  7. congrats on your son's graduation and on your impressive weight loss. here's to great things in 2011!

  8. Congrats to Mitch! You'll get it all back on track; you've been doing this long enough to have made it an important part of your life. So are you going to be like Mari and soon we'll be watching you get ready for an ultramarathon?!

  9. I've joined the same band wagon and amazingly I am feeling so much better just being in control and writing everything I eat down! Here's to chances to start over again!!

    One of my sons is in boot camp for the Air Force as we speak and our tickets are purchased for his February graduation. Here's to proud mamas!!!

    Have a great weekend

  10. Wow, mom-of-marine, you have great reason to be proud of your son! That is quite an accomplishment.

    In regard to your fitness . . . You Go Girl! :)

    Btw - I'm not sure if you have paid attention to Michigan football, but Rich Rod (head coach) was fired. Maybe next year we will see a better team. Three years of defeat has been torturous!

  11. Hi Staci, I remembered to come back and check to see if comments were enabled :-)
    I'm an old WW lifetimer. I need to lose again so I started before Christmas (what?!?). BUT, I love the new plan and have lost 5 lbs so far. I say do what you know will work for YOU! Happy New Year.
    You son is in my thoughts and has my thanks.

  12. Congrats on your son becoming a Marine! I didn't exercise as much as I should have. But I'm mapping out my exercise plan and getting started on it next week!

  13. You are doing great Staci! I have started back up again too, on Friday too actually. I went grocery shopping and got NO JUNK FOOD. I got lots of fruit. I had blackberries for a snack and a potato for supper. I am embarrassed to do a friday fitness update right now! We will have to keep each other motivated. So excited that Mitch made it through!

  14. You must be one proud mama, congrats to your son on getting thru all the training!

    Well done on getting back on track, I'll be cheering you on from Australia. I put on 5kg over Christmas and while I needed a little extra weight, because I'm extremely unfit, it's gone on in places that are most unflattering LOL. 2011 is my year for getting toned and improving my fitness and health! Motivation is challenging so it's nice to see friends put updates on their blogs :)

  15. Congrats to your son Staci - I'm so happy that you're going to get to see him soon!

    Good luck with WW. I'm still doing great with my weight that I lost while Buddy was sick. I just don't seem to have much of an appetite anymore which is good for keeping your weight down. I know you'll do great and get that weight off again!

    Have a great week!

  16. Aww Staci, congrats to your son! My brother is a Marine and went through boot camp in San Diego too, it was SUCH an amazing thing to experience his graduation. You will be shocked by the transformation in him... my brother literally took my breath away.

    Have a great time at the graduation, and if you have extra time, do a little sightseeing! San Diego is a gorgeous place. I recommend La Jolla beach, it's one of the prettiest beaches I've ever seen. (if you've already been there just ignore this whole paragraph, lol!)

  17. You've done so well and I'm sure you will be right back on track now that you have less to worry about!

  18. Congratulations on your son!!!! I did not know, and I am so sorry I didn't. I know how proud you must be. Enjoy your visit with him next week.

    Don't worry about those nasty 10 pounds. You'll take them back off, no worries :) I am confident in that.

  19. I never worry about you reaching your goals because you are so honest with yourself and recognize the reasons behind why you are on or off track. Good for you. And congrats on your son's accomplishment. May he make us all proud.

  20. I am on a path to wellness this year as I had a wake up call with some health issues. I joined WW online and have lost 5 lbs the first two weeks. It is an adjustment with the new points plan but I like it.

    Congrats to your son and I saw your pics on FB and it looks like you had a fabulous time in California!


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