Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'The Life You Imagined' by Kristina Riggle

Author: Kristina Riggle

Genre:  Women's Fiction

About: Two high school friends that find themselves back in their hometowns, re-evaluating their lives. Each one has their own problems and find that they're not alone. Are they living the life they imagined? Or is there something they would have done differently if they could?

Descriptive Words: tender, heartfelt, real, emotional, comfortable, addictions

Thoughts: I jumped at the chance to read this book when Jen of Devourer of Books offered this one as a Book Club selection. I can't believe that I haven't read Riggle before! Especially because she a Michigan author! I was immediately drawn into the storyline because I'm at that age where you often times sit back in a contemplative mood and wonder "what if" and "is this the life I imagined I would have?" The characters were what I loved about this book. Riggle made them human...oh, so human. I saw a little bit of myself in each of the women we're introduced to and that was the connection I needed that allowed me to totally immerse myself in their stories. The other aspect of this book that I heartily enjoyed was that Kristina placed her story in her wonderful state of Michigan. I loved seeing the names of cities that I was familiar with and the way in which she described Haven and the family convenience store really hit home with me.

Source: Jen and Harper Collins

Why I Chose: The storyline sounded very interesting. I'm always drawn to stories about women and their problems.

Recommend? Hands down...YES! This is a realistic story about women and how we try so hard to make everything perfect in our lives until we realize that we're just not happy. This is a look at four women's struggles with food, perfection, gambling, and waiting for someone to make them happy.

Rating: 4/5

Thank you to Jen for hosting her book club. Without that I probably wouldn't have picked up Kristina's book and for that I will forever be thankful! I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author. They are my personal reflections based solely on MY experience while reading this novel.
If you pick up a copy of this book, please join us on September 7th and 8th for an online book club discussion right here at Devourer of Book! I will have two copies of “Real Life and Liars” to give away to randomly chosen participants..

BTW: Kristina Riggle will be signing books November 5th in Saginaw at the Barnes and Noble on Tittabawasse Rd. I'll be there picking up her first book. Would love to meet up with any Michigan bloggers that evening!!!!

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  1. Sounds great. Good review Staci!

  2. I love your reviews because you get right to the meat of things! This sounds like a book I would love. I wish I could go to the author event with you!

  3. I'm so glad that you're a convert! I think she has a deal for 2 more books, so we have more of her work to look forward to!

  4. I just looked at the author's schedule and she'll be doing a lunch-time presentation at my local library on November 5 too!

    I put the book signing on my calendar, so I'll be there! :)

  5. This sounds great! I agree about "what if" - easy to identify with!

  6. I'm so glad to see you liked this one. I'm going to start it today.

  7. Good review. And I like that, a realistic book about women

  8. I enjoyed reading your review.

    This is my first time to your blog, and as a fellow Michigander, I understood your title before I read your description. :o) Though I have to wonder why you didn't put Detroit on your hand map. Are we that disgraceful? ;o)

  9. This sounds good Staci. I love this review style.

  10. sounds like a must read. Are you caught up from your vacation yet?

  11. Hello ladies and thank you for the kind words! So Jen (the Devourer) pointed me toward this review. Obviously, as a Michigander, I know exactly where The Thumb is without needing the old hand map.

    One reason I'm in Saginaw and Bay City is I used to live in Bay City and I worked at The Bay City Times! so I'm well familiar with that part of "the mitten."

  12. Girl...seriously...are you in saginaw??? well... because of that 'memo' i told you about...i can't say WHY I am lets just say I have a nightmare account there...serious lol lol!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this review!! This book sounds amazing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. I am looking forward to this book and wonder if the town of Haven is based on my Haven? :). She is going to be in my area as well!

  14. I love it when a story is set in a familiar place :) I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much!

  15. I was just scrolling down through my blogroll and this one leaped out at me...It truly sounds like the kind of book I'd enjoy.

    Who hasn't asked the question "what if?" or imagined another life...a road not taken.

    Sounds like one I should read. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh, this one looks good. Before pregnancy I had those contemplative moods too. Haven't had much time for that since!
    Have fun meeting her. I love supporting local authors.


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