Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hour 7 Update: Sleeping and moving on to book 4

So somewhere after I started Book 3, I dozed off!!! Eventually I woke up and finished it!! Now, I'm back recharged (a bit), doing my 3rd load of laundry, drinking more caffeine, and ready to tackle Book 4!!!

Book 4: Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree by Lauren Tarshis
Time Started: 3:45 pm
Finished: 5:30 pm
Pages: 199
Quick Thoughts:
Oh my goodness how I loved this little gem!! Emma-Jean is a cross between Nancy Drew and Emma from Austen's books. She is too logical for her age and completely naive. Love her...must remind myself to get book #2 on Monday.


  1. #4???

    You are doing great. I got a little thrown off schedule this am, but I’m back on track now. Keep up the good work!

    I will surely need a nap a bit later unless, I walk around the house constantly until I fall over from exhaustion...LOL

  2. Book 4? I finished only one! You know The Brutal Telling! Loved it.

  3. Book 4: wow! And, inspired by you who can do laundry WHILE doing the read-a-thon, I started doing laundry too (without doing the readathon!) So you can consider yourself ALSO responsible for the accomplishment of our having clean bed sheets! :--)

  4. Readers rule
    Readers rock
    But don’t forget
    To go for a walk

  5. Okay, what the hell am I doing wrong here?!! I can't believe you're on your fourth book already...and you've been doing laundry, too! Who do you think you are--Wonder Woman or something? :D
    So, aside from the envy I'm displaying here, I'm also feeling mighty happy for you, girl! I hope you're having a ball (despite the laundry)! Love you!

  6. Woo hoo! You're doing great! Hope you're having fun so far! READ! READ! READ!

  7. Wow good progress! 3 books finished already? Keep it up! :)


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