Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Geeks- A Quote a Day #7

"Write it down, boy. If you come across a passage in your reading that you’d like to remember, write it down in your little book; then you can read it again, memorize it, and have it whenever you wish."
Keith Donohue

"Statistically, if you're reading this sentence, you're an oddball. The average American spends three minutes a day reading a book. At this moment, you and I are engaged in an essentially antiquated interaction. Welcome, fellow Neanderthal!"
Dick Meyer

"When I was a child, it was a matter of pride that I could plow through a Nancy Drew story in one afternoon, and begin another in the evening. . . . I was probably trying to impress the librarians who kept me supplied with books."
— Kathleen Norris ("The Prodigal Reader," Ruminator Review, Summer 2002

***FYI: I was that child. I read the entire Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books during my summer before I went into the 5th grade. After reading them, I went up to the librarian and said, "Where do I go now?" She told me, "Trixie Belden." Oh, how I loved my librarian!!!

"The reading of a fine book is an uninterrupted dialogue in which the book speaks and our soul replies"
André Maurois


  1. I was a Nancy Drew fanatic too. In fact, my mother kept all of my old books. My daughter got to read my set of Little House on the Prairie books last year. As soon as my parents find them in their storage area she'll be able to start on my Nancy Drew books. I remember bugging my dad to take me to used book stores so that I could find more!

  2. I've passed on an award to you!
    Check it out on my blog. I am terribly behind on my blog reading and posting on my own blog this week. I will be back to read your wonderful quotes. I love reading them.

  3. Ditto on Nancy & Trixie. Trix & Honey were the perfect companions to my horse phase!

  4. Melanie- I went through the horse phase too but I never left it!! After reading The Black Stallion series I was determined to have one for my very own...sadly, that has never happened!!

  5. Great quotes. I can never believe it when I meet people who say they've not read a book in years. How does that happen?!

  6. I preferred school stories. Malory Towers and the Chalet School, indeed my librarian provided her own well-loved original hardback editons of the chalet school to read.

  7. Oh how I loved Trixie Belden! I had the same problem, and was so happy when I found those books. :)

  8. I love the first one! I have a little composition notebook that I copy out quotes into, but only if they really hit me. I want to fill the book slowly, with really good things, so when it's finished and I open it, every page will be beautiful.

  9. I loved Trixie Belden! And the Bobbsey Twins! Though I never read Nancy Drew, which I think now was too bad. Great quotes.


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