Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday 9 and a fun day with Marc

Saturday 9: 'Tis the Season

1. Do you enjoy receiving or giving presents more?

I love giving presents, especially when I think I've picked out the "perfect" one!!

2. What is you favorite holiday film?

It's A Wonderful Life
I watch it every Christmas eve

3. Have you started or finished your gift shopping?

I've been shopping for a couple of weeks and am almost done!!

4. What does this time of year mean to you?

I wish that it still meant what it use to. Celebrating Baby Jesus' birthday, but it is a big commercial holiday!! We need to take it back from the retailers, scale back on our amount of gifts, and get back to the basics. Make kids really look forward to something special not just a HUGE amount of junk. Volunteer somewhere, give to your local charities, homemade gifts..that kind of stuff.

5. What is your favorite holiday song?

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (it's the only one I remember from beginning to end!)

6. What do you love about the holiday season?

The lights, the excitement, the good-will, and of course all the great food!!

7. What do you hate about the holiday season?

I answered that above in #4 plus I hate the mob of people and how shopping during this time brings out the rudeness in even the nicest Grandma!!

8. Do religious ceremonies play a part in your holiday traditions? If yes, how?

Not really

9. Who will you spend the holidays with?

My family: Matt, Mitch, and Marc.

So Marc and I decided to brave the crowds today and we ventured into town to do some shopping and to have lunch together. We ate first because I was starving! We decided on Red Lobster because for some weird reason Marc was wanting to eat there. We both had the shrimp scampi and lots of the cheese biscuits!! Yummy! We needed the fuel because the number of people out and about was mind-boggling. Now mind you, I was already in town early this morning doing some of the Christmas shopping for the kids. The crowds were not too terrible at that time. The only store that was packed was Bath & Body. I had a $10 coupon to use there but figured I would come back later to use it. So Marc and I put our body armor on and stormed the mall!! I dropped him off at Borders and I went to fight amongst the women for the sweet smelling lotions, bubble bath, and shower gels. Bath & Body was having a PHENOMENAL sale today and I'm all about the sales!! This was my Christmas present to myself and I walked away with a ton of goodies!! See below:

1 Warm Sugar Vanilla Bubble Bath $12.00
1 Warm Sugar Vanilla Body Lotion $10.50
1 Vanilla Noir Shower Gel FREE
1 Vanilla Noir Bubble Bath $12.00
1 Warm Amber Lotion FREE
1 Very soft, warm, and cozy Scarlett Robe 50% off I paid 19.75
1 Assorted gift pack of 5 lotions regular price 20.00 FREE

then of course I was able to apply my 10.00 off coupon to the total and I walked out of there paying only $46.91!!!!! The actual price for everything was $115.00!! I saved--$68.09 pretty impressive. I can't wait to show Matt what he got me for Christmas!!

I forgot that I finally bought myself a Twilight T-shirt!! I've got to be cool with the kids at school plus secretly, I really wanted one!! It says "Team Edward" on the back. I think I might buy the I run with Wolves one too because I can't make up my mind as to whose team I'm on!!
I ran into a couple of girls from school at Wal-mart and we're going to all wear our Twilight shirts on Friday. We're geeks and we like it that way!!

So from the mall we stopped at Hobby Lobby so I could get a snowman gift for my secret santa person. I just want everyone to know that I did not go anywhere near the scrapbooking stuff!! Aren't you proud of me? I am!! I've decided that a big purge is coming up in January!! I honestly can't wait to get rid of some of this "stuff." I haven't bought anything scrapbook related in months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***loud applause inserted here**** After Hobby Lobby we made a quick run through Wal-Mart. When we went in the weather was just fine and when we came out we experience "Auntie Em!" wind and snow!!! Have I told you before how much I hate Michigan winters? Well I do!! They totally suck! All those old people that flock to Florida are smart and I want to be one of them. I could totally live it up down there right now. After Marc emptied the cart (he's a pretty considerate kid) we made our last and most important stop-----Barnes and Noble! We sat around, drank coffee (me only) and read for about 45 minutes then decided that we better head home.

Now I'm off to end this day with a hot, bubbly, wonderful smelling bubble bath, comfy p.j.'s and wrap up in my new soft robe that Matt, my wonderful husband, bought me for Christmas!!


  1. Great answers to Sat-9! I love It's a Wonderful Life, too. Have a great day...

  2. How sweet of him to get you all of those wonderful gifts. I made Joey actually buy and wrap me something this year. I'm just a big kid and want something to open with all the rugrats.


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