Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Great Book Giveaway at Peeking Between the Pages blog!

Hey Everyone!!

Dar, at Peeking Between the Pages is offering up a great give away!! If you haven't read Tomato Girl yet, then you MUST enter her contest to try to win this fantastic book. See my review below:

Read in October 2008: Tomato Girl

O.K. I sat outside all afternoon and read this book. I couldn't stop!! But Jayne, I'm mad!! Oh, how could you make Ellie's world so horrible!!? There are so few good people in Ellie's life. You made me totally hate Rupert! I wanted to knock his lights out....and Tess...omg...I don't want to go there. No wonder Ellie's mom was CRAZY!! I heard Ellie in my head, her voice comes out strong and clear. You can't help but love this little kid. Great book Jayne!! Bravo!

So, please click on the link above and post a comment for Dar. If I win this book I'm giving it to someone sister-in-law!! Good Luck!!


  1. I'm definitely adding this book to my list of 2009 reads. It sounds good!

  2. I loved this story. I put me in mind of a couple of my favourites about girls. Ellen Foster, although this girl is not as precoscious; and Emma and Me, where the girl was much younger with different problems. I owe Jayne a review. And this is one ARC I am keeping. I usually give mine away. That says a lot for me.


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