Monday, November 2, 2009

Mailbox Monday- November 2

Mailbox Monday
is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.
We share what books that we found in our mailboxes last week.

Children of Dust: A Memoir of Pakistan
**courtesy of Caitlin at FSB Associates
I'm always interested in reading about someone's life in another country and this sounds fascinating!!

Ali Eteraz's Children of Dust is a spellbinding portrayal of a life that few Americans can imagine. From his schooling in a madrassa in Pakistan to his teenage years as a Muslim American in the Bible Belt, and back to Pakistan to find a pious Muslim wife, this lyrical, penetrating saga from a brilliant new literary voice captures the heart of our universal quest for identity.

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire: A Step-by-Step guide to Loving the Bad and Beautiful

** Courtesy of Sellers Publishing
In this book, she has created a road map to show readers how a vampire relationship can be achieved and conducted in harmony with everyday existence

What came for you?


  1. Two very different books : ) Enjoy!

  2. We have a lot in common. I too received Children of the Dust (haven't read it yet, butit looks great). And last week my blog reviewed How to Catch and Keep a Vampire.

    Enjoy your books!

  3. Children of the Dust sounds really good - I love books about other cultures.

  4. I recieved Children of the Dust a few weeks back, but have not been in the mood to read it yet.

  5. I read a really fun review of the vampire book last week. I'll be watching for yours. Barrie emailed and said you'd be participating in her Book Review Club. It'll be nice to have a friend in the club :)

  6. Good week :D
    Lol, I wonder about that vamp book

  7. I've heard good things about Children of Dust.

  8. I couldn't help but about variety there, huh? Hope you enjoy them both!

  9. I like the sound of Children of Dust - I've seen in quite a few blogs already.
    Happy reading!!!
    Here's my Mailbox

  10. Hey Staci, I was just thinking about getting books in the mail. I used to order more from Amazon and when a parcel arrived today for my nephew (who dwells with us) I was a wee homesick for a parcel of my own!

    Happy Reading.

  11. I have Children of the Dust, but lately I've been in a "fluffy" mood and none of my TBR stack is real fluffy.

  12. ohhhhhhhh can't wait to read what u think of the vampire book....sooooooooooooooooooooo cool! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. I'm really curious about the Vampire one! Can't wait to hear what you think.

    Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

  14. those two books couldn't be anymore different if you tried. I really want to read both of them and look forward to your reviews.

    Happy reading.

  15. A vampire dating book? What next! lol

  16. I got Children of Dust too, for basically the same reasons. I figured I would learn something along the way, and I've always been curious abot that culture.

  17. I actually received How To Catch and Keep A Vampire in the mail yesterday. I can't wait to start it.

    Enjoy! =D

  18. I'd like to read Children of Dust. I look forward to your reviews!

  19. I got these books, too! They both seem very different and very interesting, don't they?

  20. Interesting combination. Happy reading!

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