Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Snapshot- Baby Birdies

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I have birds nesting everywhere this summer. On my front door, two nests in my Birch tree, and this nest behind the basketball backboard!! I had to get up on a ladder so that I could snap this photo of the 3 little lovelies that were in the nest. They did NOT appreciate having their photos taken whatsoever...check out the face on the one in the back!! Every time that camera clicked their feathers puffed out even more.  


  1. He does look mad. Great photo though. Here's Mine

  2. Adorable Staci.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. So cute! We had a bird nest in the same spot behind the backboard last year or the year before. I only saw the mama though.

  4. I love to watch birds' nests. Those babies are definitely not enjoying your presence.

  5. He looks pretty upset with you and your camera! LOL!! :)

  6. It must mean a lot of good luck for your house to be surroundd by baby birdies. Hope they avoid any stalking cats! Your dogs would take care of that!

  7. They look like Angry Birds to me, haha!

  8. LOL!!! I love this these put-off little guys. And I love the fact that you climbed up to capture them :) So cute.

  9. LOL aren't they cute but you're right, the one at the back doesn't look happy :)

  10. Oh! How cute! I adore baby birdies! =D

  11. Ha, they do look a little annoyed with you!


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