Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fitness- revived

It's been over two years since I did my last Fitness Friday update! Wow, I'm totally ashamed of myself for falling off the fitness wagon and finding myself almost at the same weight from three years ago. It wasn't until I received an email from a friend who stated that my success with Weight Watchers was an inspiration to them and made them decide to get back on WW again. Talk about hard to look at myself in the mirror after that email! So, needless to say, my friend's email has inspired me to get my weight and health back in check. I have no one to blame for gaining back the twenty pounds I lost. What I know to be true is that I stopped counting my points, stopped moving, and suffered a bout of depression that lasted over a year. I'm one of those people who eat their feelings and when I'm sad I eat. I've really focused hard on the reasons why I eat and have been trying my best to redirect my actions when I know that I am sad. On top of that, my husband was just recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and even though it has been hard to deal with, I truly think it will be a blessing to both of us. My husband stopped smoking over a year and a half ago, when he did that he picked up eating as his bad habit. Now, he's paying the price. But he won't do his battle alone. We all are eating what he eats and I don't bring any "junk" food into the house. He's already lost a few pounds and is starting to feel better. Soon I expect that we will be able to take longer walks together. It's something that I'm really looking forward to doing with him again!

So my goals are very simple. I want to eat fresh foods, good protein, good carbs, and start adding more activity to my life. I'm not going to post every Friday because I feel that it's a pressure that I'm not ready to put upon myself. I pretty sure that I can commit to every other Friday and when I start feeling better about everything I will more than likely end up making this a weekly habit again. I will also be brutally honest here. I'm not going to lie about my weight, my failures, or any of the bad parts of this journey. I hope that maybe by reading this post it might inspire someone else to want to start a better life for themself! If you do, please feel free to share your story with me!!

Starting weight on March 12, 2010: 171

Ending weight on September 10, 2010: 153

Starting weight on June 1, 2012: 172


  1. Wishing you and your hubby all the best, Staci.

  2. I'm with you! I have been trying to lose at least 15 pounds forever, and almost got there once, before putting it back on. Am doing tai chi and yoga to keep limber and flexible, and bought some hand weights to put on some muscle in the arms. Trying hard to control portion size. Happy healthy eating! I know you will make it.

  3. Good luck to you and your husband! I have found the best way to not eat junk food is to not buy it in the first place. Sometimes that's easier said than done.

  4. Fitness Friday is a great idea because in posting your goals and progress they become real.

    I need to work on fitness and muscle tone. For 20 years I walked 30 minutes a day, to and from work. Now that I no longer have that job I find myself slacking off on the walking... only a few days a week now. And although I haven't gained weight, my waist is expanding and I don't feel as fit. So I need to add exercise. Gardening is good but I need to commit to daily walking and yoga a few times a week.

  5. Good for you girl... Brian and I have been discussing the same subject here lately... no more processed foods!!!

  6. Here's my post with the some fitness and health goals and what I've done this week:


  7. I am not a junk food eater but I like food and can easily eat too much of it. With the gluten free diet you'd think I'd be svelte and ready to walk the catwalk but after the initial drop of 15 lbs or so, my body got used to living without gluten and I put it back on, plus I was already over to begin with so I have a bigger fight to win.

    However, I am not dieting. This is the first time that I am loving the gym and it's because I am going just because it feels good to do so. I am not dieting, not counting calories but watchful of portions and since January, I've lost 15 lbs without trying, really. It's slow this way, but it's a good way for me because I often feel so deprived having to live gluten free.

    Good luck to you. You will get back on track and your husband will benefit from it too.

  8. I don't eat for any psychological reasons. I just plain like food. :<) I eat all the good stuff, just too much of it sometimes.
    The secret to not eating junk food is to not have it in the house. I thought I could have a couple potato chips a day. That worked for quite a few days, and then I put some in a bowl and ate the bowl's worth. There are some things I just can't have around, and pc are one of them.
    The other secret is having a LOT of fruit in the house. Grapes, apples, bananas, kiwis - anything you love. They are the perfect thing when you're feeling hungry.
    Neither of these is really a 'secret' - just a truth that most of us have to tell ourselves again and again.
    You CAN do this! Proud of you Staci girl. You are bold and brave.
    I read on Ann's Less of Me blog:

    that 80% is eating and 20% is exercise. And I believe it. I remember hearing once that it took 45 min. of aerobic exercise to get rid of a package of m&ms!

  9. I have been dealing with a major flare up of a chronic condition I have and my goal is just getting back to my normal. I have good days and then a few bad that get in the way of my daily exercise. I am with you Staci, even though my journey will be a bit slower as I have to listen to my body. You go girl!

  10. I totally eat for emotional reasons as well. It's rough! I wish you luck!!!

  11. I keep getting knocked off my network just when I finish writing a comment! grrrr

    Sorry to hear about husband's diagnosis but if this changes your lifestyle... fantastic!

    I look forward to cheering you on. As you know... I'm on the other end of the weight issue now, I know you don't feel bad for me but it's kind of scary too... :) Maybe I will work on gaining the weigh you lose (um... no thanks!). Seriously... good luck!

  12. I will cheer you on :) It's not easy but life is not easy

  13. Good luck with this Staci! I totally understand as I've been working on losing the same ten pounds for what feels like forever. In reality, I'm just not finding the time to exercise like I should. And I don't really curb my eating habits as well so what do you expect?? I like the idea of this post...I may try doing the same!

  14. I'm just starting over again too and am happy to join you!
    Here's My Post

  15. Good luck, Staci - you can do it!!

  16. Good for you, Staci! I do the same thing with eating - I know I put most of my unhealthy calories in when I'm not at the table. It's entirely emotion-based. Now that I'm through graduation, I have several weeks to get myself on a new track. Thanks for giving me a kick in the butt. I think I'll go for a walk tonight!

  17. Way to go Staci, I'll be cheering you on. I know how difficult I find motivating myself so my hat goes off to you. I eat my feelings when I'm depressed but when I'm stressed I don't feel like eating ... *sigh* both unhealthy habits.
    As you know the juicing is still going well and we are eating healthy (mostly) but I'm easing back in to the whole exercise thing, very slowly!

  18. Good for you - for not giving up. You've already proved you can do it. I'm rooting for you.

  19. Don't be too hard on yourself Staci. Shit happens, as does life. It can be hard to constantly prepare meals, etc. You're back on the wagon and that's what counts.

    Glad your hubby quit smoking but sorry about the diabetes. A low carb diet is the way to go for sure. He may be able to get visits with a nutritionist for free through your health insurance. Be sure to check into it. That's why I started with my nutritionist. I get 6 free visits a year.

    I have no answer fot he stress eating but maybe some exercise will help curb that? not sure. I'm here for you and wish you both success. It's easier when you all do it together.

    I knew I heard the Fitness Friday thing before! It must have been stuck in the attic of my brain. Sorry for stealing it :)

  20. Sorry to hear about your husband, but it's great that you are looking at it as an opportunity for you all to be healthier. I tend to eat my feelings too and when I get overwhelmed with mommyhood I tend to eat bad stuff.
    I'm looking forward to being inspired by your progress :)

  21. Sorry to read about your husband's health problem, but happy to read that you've taken positive steps towards turning that around.

  22. I am cheering you on from the sidelines and have started back on my healthy plan. I've put on 30 pounds that need to come off and coming up to my 49th birthday in a month and then looking forward to 50 I know I can't face that age and be fat! Best of luck with everything. Don't beat yourself for the mistakes of the past, just move forward! We are all behind you!


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