Friday, May 14, 2010

Fitness Friday: Update #4

What I've been doing:
Good question. What have I been doing? Not losing weight that's for sure! I've stayed at the current weight for almost 2 weeks now and am getting frustrated!

To add to that I've been experiencing some major sciatic nerve issues that have really interfered with my ability to function this past week. I'm currently going to the chiropractor and that has helped. On Tuesday my pain was at a 9 out of 10 and today I'm at a 3-4. I'm not allowed to exercise right now and I can't mow the lawn! I love mowing my lawn so that is a sad thing for me!!! Also, I splurged on Friday with 2 margaritas, french fries, and then on Sunday had Chinese! That didn't help me at all. As soon as I'm put back together I intend on getting serious again with my walking.

  Weight Watchers and Me:
Still loving WW, but I really blew my points over the weekend. Trying to get it back under control and working at spicing up my diet just a bit! I did get a Companion Food Guide today which has been very enlightening...did you know that a Snickers candy bar is 5 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a dinner!!!!

Starting weight: 171
3/19/10: 168
4/1/10: 166
4/16/10: 164
4/23/10: 162
5/14/10: 161
Goal weight: 140-145


  1. I know I should not be giving weight Loss advice -- I suck at losing the lbs lately, but don't be too hard on yourself Staci. The lbs will come off once again when you are able to exercise again. Hope that pain goes away soon! You can really see your weight loss in your face in your new blog pix-- very nice!

  2. You'll get back on track, no worries. Sciatica is really painful as my daughter has been going through the same thing for the last few days. We're all on the Cape for a family thing and she was miserable for the first few days. I hope you feel better soon. Oh, and btw, anytime you want to mow a lawn in FL, come on down! I'm sure The Big Guy wouldn't mind the help. I don't "do" yard work. YUK!

  3. Sorry you are having sciatic pain. I know how much it hurts! Rest, rest, rest and read, but don't sit! LOL

    It is eye opening when you discover how much some of your favorite foods cost!

  4. Yikes! Sciatic pain is horrible and I can see why that would set you back - how can you exercise with that? I hope you're back to normal soon!

  5. Staci, so sorry about the sciatica. I know that is painful. My husband and his brother have that at times.

    Just remember that the eating changes are gradual and supposed to be for a lifetime. Different weeks will be different in that regard, but if you come back to center each time, you'll continue to make progress. It's got to be something that you can live with for a long time, so week to week ups and downs are normal. Good luck and I really hope that your pain decreases. Hugs to you!

  6. Oh, sciatic pain! How horrible! Well, if it's any consolation, I don't even have such an excuse for not exercising and gaining weight since I went off Game On Diet. Too much good (yet bad) food calling to us in our country!

  7. Oh Staci, I'm sorry to hear about your sciatica! That sounds really painful. And I sympathize with the not-losing-weight-and-getting-frustrated because that's where I'm at these days too (although I've been stalled at my current weight for months now). I know I need to exercise more...

    Hmm, I wonder how many points Belgian chocolate is worth? :)

  8. You are doing great Staci! I really hope the chiropractor does the trick so you feel better. I am glad your pain is down. Maybe by the time it warms up outside you will be able to get back out there, but until then, just rest!

  9. Ouch, sciatic nerve pain is no fun!
    The scale's staying in the same place for me too. I'm thinking of adding some weight training.

  10. Bummer about the pain my dearest!! I have been going to the dr. like crazy to try and find the source of no I know why I hate dr's!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):) Hope everything gets back on track soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):):):):)

  11. Ohhh the worst!! Back pain! I know how you feel. I've had upper back pain and couldn't do any exercising. I'm finally feeling better and started Leslie Sansones 3 mile walk. I think I'll start posting my progress too. I'm cheering you on! Good luck to you and know that even if you slip, its ok, just keep going :0)

  12. hope your sciatic calms down--I hate when it flares. Keep workin', it will come.

  13. You are still doing great :) I do get the using the point thing at one sitting, I did that with some margaritas a couple of weeks ago. I am losing an average of 1.6 per week and hit 17 pounds this week. I am enjoying WW, it is much easier to follow than anything else I have tried :)

  14. I had sciatic probleMs when I was pregnant. It's awful. The only thing that helped me was physical therapy. I feel your pain, girl.

  15. I had sciatic problems when I was pregnant. It's awful. The only thing that helped me was physical therapy. I feel your pain, girl.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate. I'm typing from my iPad and messed up. The keyboard isn't quite the same as a regular keyboard.

  16. You forgot to say out loud that you are down TEN POUNDS!! That's terrific. Once you are back to walking it will start coming off again. Sure hope you sciatic gets back to normal. I'm sorry you were in so much pain.

  17. I hope that your pain goes away. My dad suffers from the same thing and I know it's no easy thing.
    I laughed when I saw that you like to mow the lawn. My husband makes fun of me because I enjoy shoveling snow :)
    The weight will come off, just get back on track (which is harder than it sounds) by skipping Chinese and Snickers. I had my first Snickers in years a few weeks ago because I seem to think that I can eat anything I want when I'm pregnent. I'm enjoying it now but know there will a price to pay later !

  18. Don't fret my pet! You have probably reached a mini plateau but don't worry. Get back on the horse and try another type of exercise without hurting your back. Do you have Comcast cable? They have a channel On Demand called Exercise TV, and the work outs on there are pretty good. They kick my butt!
    Try swithcing up the foods you are eating too. sometimes we get stuck eating the same things because they are easy and we know the points value :)


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