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Accomplice Press, LLC, Your Partner in Good Reading

I was approached by Karen from Accomplice Press to see if I would be interested in reading and reviewing any of their books on my blog. I told her that most of the genres that they featured interested me and that I would love to help support a "little" publishing house. I really like that they are out there giving the average writer an opportunity to be published. Here's is my guest post from Karen Jones, Promotions Manager of Accomplice Press. Also, this company is based in MICHIGAN!!!

Curvalicious: A New Endeavor, A New Kind of Heroine ______________________________________________________________________________

Accomplice Press is extremely excited to announce our new specialty line of books called Curvalicious. These novella length romance stories will feature strong, intelligent, sexy, voluptuous women. Our heroines will land the man of their dreams without losing a pound or changing their appearance and they will all get the happily ever after they deserve.

As curvy women and publishers we see that there is an entire group of vivacious females who are not being portrayed in traditional romance series. All one has to do is glance at the cover art to see what most publishers believe a sexy woman looks like. Real women come in every shape and size and we all have allure. This line will spotlight positive, life affirming relationships that we all dream of having. After all, we read romance books because we like a good love story that makes us smile and keeps us warm even on a cold, Michigan winter's night. Our line will have two heat levels because we understand that every reader has a different idea of what true romance should be. There will be Curvalicious Sweet which will have sensual love scenes, but no explicit language or sex and Curvalicious Spicy which is erotic romance containing explicit language and sex scenes.

Curvalicious is DJ Alling's baby, our inspirational Co-Founder, CEO, and Editor sums up why she designed this line in this moving quote: "Society and the media have convinced women that men won't find you attractive if you wear double-digit sizes. This is reinforced by the romance book industry. The leading terms used to describe a heroine are slender, thin, lithe, small, and tiny. Real women read romances, and real women deserve to be able to relate to the heroines. Romance stories are about fantasies, and as a large woman, I personally do not find it satisfying to fantasize about a man touching a body that I can't relate to. I also happen to know that men love women of all sizes. Sexy comes from within. That is why I created Curvalicious."

Accomplice Press is an independent boutique-style press but unlike most, we are a full service publisher. Our specialty is cultivating the rare relationship between author and publisher into a true partnership. We may be the new girls on the block but we have years of combined experience in the industry and always strive for excellence. All of our staff were authors first; this gives us a unique perspective on publishing. We offer print and e-book formats showcasing originality, fully developed characters, deep plots, intelligent voice, and enticing dialogue.

For the staff at Accomplice Press the most exciting part of this project is that we want you the reader to have a chance to become published authors. To kick off this new endeavor we are hosting a writing contest beginning on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010 and ending on May 14, 2010. The company will be accepting submissions in two different categories, one sweet and one spicy. On May 28, 2010 two winning entries will be chosen, announced on, then contracted and published in eBook format. The top three submissions of each category will also be included in the first Curvalicious print anthology.

Curvalicious submissions must be sent to and must be received no later than midnight May 14, 2010 to be considered for the first print release. All the details and guidelines for entries are available at Our company is constantly searching for distinctive stories that need to be told but are often overlooked by literary agents and large warehouse style publishers. So at this time we are also holding an "open call" to any author searching for a publisher.

Accomplice Press will be attending Romcon in Denver this July; we would love to see you all there! Please join Accomplice Press Chatter to stay updated on all of our upcoming news.

Happy Reading,

Karen Jones

Promotions Manager, Accomplice Press


  1. i think i am in love with this company! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I love the idea of books emphasizing female protagonists who aren't size 6 (or less!) blue eyed blondes! (who, by the way, are always eating junk food in these books too. as if!)

  3. Wow! This sounds intriguing! I'll stay tuned for more.

  4. Yeah... what Rhapsody said!!
    I have an award for you today:

  5. Sounds like a great new partnership. I love the idea of this line. I'm sure many of their books will wind up on my tbr list!

  6. This sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading your review of one of their books. And I like that they are sponsoring a writing contest!

  7. All I can say in FINALLY!! It will be so great to read books based on real people. This is so smart and I like their divisions of sweet and spicy. Good for them. I, for one, will definitely buy a book or two from their line. Now if we can just get publishers to break the age barrier. People who fall in love are not all young things either.

  8. Sounds wonderful to me! It's about time real women were represented in books. I don't write but sponsoring this contest is yet another act of good will. I wish them much luck and success.
    Thanks for positng about this Staci.

  9. Thanks for posting about this, Staci! The contest seems to be getting some great interest!

    Have a great day and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    Jamie Hill

  10. Hello all. I am the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Accomplice Press. I have to say, the response here is overwhelming to me. I am so happy this line is being so well received. I hope we can make it live up to your expectations.

    To those who expressed a concern about age barriers...JUST WAIT...Keep an eye out for our Silver Siren's line this summer.

    Also, our staff will be attending RomCon in Denver in July, so we hope to see you all there!

    Happy Reading
    DJ Alling

  11. Thank you for all the great feedback. At Accomplice Press we are very excited about this line. We have another specialized line called Silver Sirens, due out this summer. It will focus on romance with more mature heroines! Please join Accomplice Press Chatter to keep updated on all our news and events.

    Tell all your friends about the Curvalicious Writing Contest! We are planning to travel to Romcon in Denver this July please join us.

    Karen Jones, Promotions Manager and Partner at Accomplice Press


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