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The kids at my middle school know and ACCEPT the fact that I am obsessed with books. In fact, quite a few actually share my passion!! Over the years I've been blessed to get to know some great students that actually want to talk books with me. Today I'd like to introduce you to one of them. Her name is Lily and she's a doll. I've known her since fourth grade and let me tell you that she has the kindest heart I've ever seen in a young person. She's so caring about animals, people, causes....she's phenomenal. One of the traits that I love the most about her, is that she's beautiful, and she has no idea!!!!!!!! Truly people she doesn't!!!!!!! She decided that she wanted to start a book blog like mine because she loved the idea of getting books in the mail!!! Does that sound like some of us?? So, I scoured my bookshelves and gave her a ton of ARCs that I knew I wouldn't get to anytime soon and she literally devoured them!! I love her reviews because they're from her perspective and that is very refreshing indeed. She's very excited about being a guest blogger today and to show blogging love (because this is a great community of people) I would really appreciate it if you would follow her link back to her blog and become a follower. We all remember that person in our life that introduced us to the first book that we fell in love with and this is a way for each one of us to pay it forward!!!! Thanks friends!!
Lily-Books Recommended to Me

Embellish by R.L. Sloane
As a young girl, Solis Burkes is raped at the hands of ruthless school bullies-an incident that hunts her into young adulthood. Then she meets Nacio, a strikingly handsome man who seems to know everything about her-including the painful past Solis hasn’t told anyone about. But what Solis doesn’t know is that Nacio has been with her every step of the way, protecting her since that fateful episode.

It’s a destiny he’s been working up for the last 257 years.

Now, Solis enters a dark world of vampires, voodoo, and passion, she’ll need all the protection she can get. Unbeknownst to her, those responsible for Solis’s rape have returned. Connected to the evil voodoo Priestess Aldicia, they’ll stop at nothing in their plans to spew violence and mayhem throughout the city. And an old family feud dating back centuries puts Solis first on their list of targets. But not if Solis unravel the clues fast enough, and inflict her own brand of revenge.

Embellish mixes sexy romance with high-stakes paranormal intrigue for a keeps-you-guessing, fast-paced and savvy thriller, right up until the shocking finale.

I thought this was a very enjoyable book. I love stories about vampires and magic and one thing that I really appreciate about Embellish is that unlike Twilight, I really liked the lead character so when she was happy, it made me happy. I found that every time I picked it up, I was lost inside it and could feel and see what was going on in the book in my mind. It never seemed to drag on, as soon as I thought I knew what was going to happen, something else would! The author did a great job writing this book for readers who want to feel what’s happening in the story, and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

Thanks Lily for such a great review!!! As an added bonus, I'm giving away the book that Lily reviewed today. Here's how you can win Embellish.
  • leave a comment here with your email address
  • go to Lily's blog Books Recommended to Me and follow her
  • blog about Lily, send me a link and I will add your name 2 more times!!!
This will give you up to 4 chances to win Embellish. This giveaway will close December 11th at midnight!!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and lifting Lily up!!!!


  1. This is not an entry, but I did visit Lily's blog (of course!) and I am now a follower. She *is* gorgeous, as well as being a brilliant student. And well over 100 animals. WOW!?! What kinds of animals?

  2. Very nice, Lily! You are in good hands with Staci and I'm glad she helped you get started with books of your own.

  3. Excellent guest post. I also like her blog. I have a hunch you taught Six Sentence reviews to your students? It's great to read reviews from young people who also have a passion for reading. Plus, I picked up some suggestions for books for my granddaughter. It must be very satisfying to see a student doing to well.

    (Don't enter me in the giveaway.)

  4. I went to Lily's blog and it is fantastic! She's the type of kid who gives us all hope for the future. I've added her to my Google Reader.

  5. i enjoyed this review...would love to read this book...thanks for the opportunity.

    Lily, you have a wonderful blog!


  6. Nice review.
    I have not heard about this book before and it does sound very interesting

  7. No need to enter me Staci, I just wanted to say that Lily's review is awesome and I'm going to head over and check out her blog. How can she not think she's beautiful - my goodness she is! The truly beautiful people never seem to fully realize it though. Great review Lily.

  8. I checked out Lily's blog and think it's great. I wish I'd had the opportunity to blog about my reading at Lily's age. Best of luck to Lily! And thanks for introducing her to all of us, Staci : )

  9. It's always nice to meet a new book blogger! I stopped by and became a follower :) I'm looking forward to reading more of her reviews.

  10. Excellent's so nice to get a young person's perspective! Thanks for introducing us to Lily. I'm on my way over to her blog now.
    (don't enter me in the giveaway)

  11. I would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks!

  12. I just became a follower of Books Recommended To Me. I also became a follower of your blog.

  13. Great review, Lily! I love reading books that you can get lost in.

  14. Lilly has a great blog, and I totally agree that she is beautiful. Her reviews are so good!

  15. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww staci!!!!! U tell that lily that she is GORGEOUS!!!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her review....and off to check her blog! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  16. Great review, Lily! Very well said for a person your age. And you are a gorgeous young lady!

  17. Aawww, Lily, my namesake. And what pretty girl I might add. And smart too because she reads and talks books. I might sound slightly biased due to the name we share but seriously, I think it's great that you can find such a connection with your students.

  18. Wonderful review, Lily! Probably not a book for me (am I the only non-vampire person out here?), but I bet my daughter would love it! And I can definitely see both of us reading your blog from now on. :)

    Thanks, Staci, for introducing us to this fabulous young lady.

    And Staci, if you don't mind, could you e-mail me your snail mail address...I might(!!!) just get around to mailing holiday cards yet. ;)

  19. Welcome Lily! Happy to have you join our crazy book blog universe.


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