Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Library Loot- October 7th

Hosted by Eva at A Stripped Armchair and Marg at Reading Adventures.
We share what we each picked up at the library during the week.

I must be cured of my sickness that I suffered for two weeks straight because I have a bunch of library loot to report today!!

What She Wants by Cathy Kelly
** I saw her books at B&N. I loved the covers and read the synopsis...hope it's as good as it sounded!!

With spirit and passion, Cathy Kelly gives us a lively, bighearted novel about friends, sisters, families, love, and all the challenges, joys, and what-ifs of life.

Hold My Hand by Serena Mackesy
**Fleurfish (Jane) is new to the blame game!! She writes some of the best reviews out there and after reading her thoughts on this one I knew I had to read it. Usually my library doesn't have any of the books she reads (most of them are by English authors) but I lucked out this time.

"A modern day Rebecca, mixed with a suspense-filled Gothic novel and served up with generous helpings of wit-a real treat.

Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton- Paranormal Romance
** The second book in this series, Laced With Magic, has been all over the book blogs. In fact, it was Kaye's(Pudgy Penguin Perusals) review of that book that got me interested in reading these books. I had to start with the first one...can't be reading anything out of order!!

Spider's Web by Agatha Christie
** Robin of My Two Blessings helped me pick out my very first Christie book!! I'm excited!!

Vision in White by Nora Roberts- Romance Novel
** All blame goes to Teddyree of Eclectic Reader. Her review on this one, plus the gorgeous cover were all I needed to grab it off the shelf yesterday!

Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas
** I really like this author's writing style and this book isn't that big so I thought it would be a fast enjoyable read. This story is set during the depression in Kansas.

Aunt Dimity's Death by Nancy Atherton- Mystery
** Spotted this series at B&N, looks adorable, how could you resist that cute pink rabbit on the cover? Not me, so I had to reserve this copy of book one.

The True Story of Hansel & Gretel by Louise Murphy
** I read a great review on Goodreads, placed this book on request, and then saw that Nymeth had just reviewed it on her blog too. I'm pretty sure that this one is going to be good. Story takes place during WWII.

Books Read in 2009 to date: 143
Number of Books Checked out from the library:17
Book Blogger Buddies Recommendations TBR List: 261 last week 270 this week


  1. That's quite a few books you grabbed from the library this week. And I completely know what you're saying about having to read books in order :)

  2. You went all out in the library :D
    I only borrowed a textbook for uni, a book for my mum and some boring book I wont post about

  3. LOL LOL LOL!!!! I was WONDERING when the "real" library Staci was gonna show up again!!! LOL!!!! That Hansel & Gretel one sounds GOOD! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Cathy kelly is really good. I have several of hers and she is a strong consistent writer with lots of good stories.

  5. Oh, these sound good! Especially the Hansel and Gretel book.

    My Wednesday meme is "Waiting for Wednesday," and you can find it here:

  6. The Louise Murphy book looks really good! I wish my library had it!

  7. I really want to read The True Story of Hansel & Gretel. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Lots of good stuff! I really enjoy Cathy Kelly's books. I'm going to have to check into that one. I took Casting Spells out of the library last week but I don't think I'll get a chance to read it.

  9. I really liked The True Story of Hansel and Gretel, I hope you enjoy it!

  10. I'll be watching for your reviews on the first and the last.

  11. These look good and you're right - who could resist the little pink bunny sitting at the table?!!!

  12. Haven't gotten my loot up yet. Great group of books.

  13. I recently won both of the Bretton books. Now that I think about it, they would be a perfect read for this month!

  14. I'm honoured!! The blurb on Hold My hand is a touch misleading, but I think you'll like it. I've read some Cathy Kelly, and she does what she does very well. A great haul of books - but I hope you didn't have to carry them all at once!

  15. Glad you got over your sickness and came home with some great loot. Persian Pickle Club has my attention.

  16. I really liked Louise Murphy's book and hope you will too. It's so heartbreaking. You can never go wrong with Agatha Christie!

  17. Well, first and foremost, Staci, I am so glad to see you're finally feeling better! That horrid sickness was really starting to worry me!

    Oooh, I want to get my hands on The True Story of Hansel and Gretel, too!!!! Darn that Nymeth! And I'm with you--that pink bunny is just too irresistible! Probably not a book I would have thought about reading, but that cover makes me think I absolutely need to. Also intrigued by Hold My Hand...can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  18. Quite a few good books in there! Hope you enjoy Vision In White -- my sister wasn't sold on it, but I'm willing to give it a chance! It's in my stack, too. I've never read Roberts, so it should be an adventure!

  19. I heard The True Story of Hansel and Gretel is a tear-jerker. I have it on my candy list. Agatha Chritie is always a favorite, so I'll look to see if I can hunt down a copy of The Spider's Web.

  20. I love the cover for What She Wants, I hope it is good!

  21. Glad I contributed to your growing library loot, can't wait to see what you think of Vision in White. I love Cathy kelly's writing and What She Wants does have a gorgeous cover! I'm definitely a bit partial to gorgeous covers, shallow I know lol

  22. You have some great books here. I'm looking forward to hearing about your first Agatha.

  23. I loved The True Story of Hansel and Gretel. It's haunting.


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