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Library Loot and Waiting on Wednesday

Hosted by Eva at A Stripped Armchair and Marg at Reading Adventures.
We share what we each picked up at the library during the week.

I've got lots of blame to pass around so let's get started!!

Sleepwalking in Daylight by Elizabeth Flock
** Blaming rights go to Heather from Book Addiction. She posted her review on June 29th and I immediately put it in my library list for a future read. Check out her thoughts here.

What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman
** I get to blame Wendy from Caribou's Mom for this book!!! This is the comment I left after reading her review: When you compared her writing to earlier Cornwell I was hooked!!! Excellent review and I’m certainly adding this one to my must read for 09.

Nothing But Ghosts by Beth Kephart
** Lenore's been blamed plenty of times here so I'm sure she won't mind when I point the finger at her and say, "It's all your fault!!" Read her fantastic review and author interview here. I read and reviewed Undercover also written by Kephart and it blew me away. I loved this book so I'm sure her new one is spectacular!! I missed the boat by buying my own copy and helping show the big publishing companies that book bloggers can be a driving force behind book sales by word of mouth, but I hope to make up for it by getting this novel for my niece's birthday later this month.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
** I'm blaming Lisa from Books and Cooks! Read her review here but be warned you'll want to read this book after you do!! But what really sealed the deal is when I asked for friends to tell me what book has really made an impression on them and this is what Lisa said:
Lisa said...A book that stayed with me is Lonesome Dove. Those characters were amazing! More recently The 13th Tale - I loved that story! Great giveaway!!

Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson
** I have no one to blame but myself. I'm wondering who has read this and did you like it? I've read some mixed reviews on it so I'm not sure if I should bother reading it or tell me!!

To Read List Total today7/08/2009: 801
Last Week's To Read List total 7/01/2009: 781
Books Read in 2009 to date: 94
Number of Books Checked out from the library:24
Book Blogger Buddies Recommendations TBR List: 170 last week 185 this week

Waiting on Wednesday
is hosted by
Jill over at Breaking the Spine
that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This series, The Last Apprentice, is a favorite of mine and lots of kids at my middle school. We're going to be very excited to get our hands on this book!! If you're looking for a middle school age fantasy series this one is highly recommended!

The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons
by Joseph Delaney
Scheduled to be published August 25, 2009
From Goodreads:
As the Spook's apprentice Tom's first duty is to protect the County from the dark. But now Mam needs his help in her homeland of Greece. One of the most dangerous of the old gods, the Ordeen, is about to return there, bringing slaughter and devastation. Meanwhile, the Devil himself is still loose and if he and the Ordeen join forces, a new age of darkness will descend. Mam has summoned a powerful group to her side but among them are Tom's old enemy, the Pendle witches, including the assassin Grimalkin, and the cunning clan leader Mab Moldheel. Can Tom go against all the Spook has taught him and ally himself to the witches? What is the secret that Mam is keeping from him? And what sacrifices must be made in the battle against the dark?

What book are you waiting for ?


  1. I really should give Setterfield a go again, I am afraid I didn't like it the first time I started it

  2. Great list of books!

    I've got The 13th Tale (haven't read it yet) and my book club is reading Out Stealing Horses for our September meeting but I'm on the waiting list for the library copy.

    I've heard so many good things at various times about the Diane Setterfield book, I've accidentally bought it twice! The second time was at our library sale so at least it wasn't expensive!

  3. Except for the first one (which I hadn't heard about), these are all on my wish list. Enjoy!

  4. I've had my eye on Out Stealing Horses. I hope you get a chance to read it.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  5. I look forward to hearing what you think about What the Dead Know -- it was an interesting read.

  6. I loved The Thirteenth Tale... I really need to reread that. I read Out Stealing Horses like last month and liked it. It wasn't as wonderful as some people say, but I didn't hate it.

  7. Oooh, I hope you love The 13th Tale as much as I did. I got lost in that book! For me, Out Stealing Horses was just ok. It wasn't what I expected after reading such glowing reviews.

  8. Looks like U found some awesome books! :):):):)

  9. Hope you'll love the Lippman book :) My sister read my copy in about 2 days while she was here visiting and loved it too!

  10. I've had to start another tbr list since I'm trying to complete my Filling In the Gaps Challenge books first. And I just added 3 more books to it! Thanks Staci!
    Great loot!

  11. I've seen the 13th tale reviewed on a lot of blogs, it looks interesting.

  12. I did buy a copy of Nothing But Ghosts but haven't had a chance to read it yet. It looks like you got some good ones to read.

  13. I am so grateful to you for, well, reading Presenting Lenore and imagining room for GHOSTS in your world.

    I happened to LOVE Out Stealing Horses. The last line stays with you (or with me) forever. It is my kind of book, and I know that marks me in a certain way, but so be it.

  14. Yahoo, I got away unscathed this week. lol. The only one I've read is The Thirteenth Tale. I read it with some from my book club and we all really liked it.

  15. Wow, the cover is so evocative!

  16. I really enjoyed The 13th Tale and hope you like it too. I have had a copy of Out Stealing Horses that's another one that's gotten lost in my tbr pile. I can't wait to read what you think of it.
    I loved Elizabeth Flock's Me and Emma and can't wait to go add this one to my wish list!

  17. The Thirteenth Tale is such a great read! I look forward to your thoughts :)

  18. I keep getting confused over The Thirteenth Tale and The Book Thief, which are both on my list.

  19. I just finished What the Dead Know and I loved it. I also really like The 13th Tale.

    I didn't like Out Stealing Horses. It was a struggle to get through.

  20. I liked Out Stealing Horses. It is a book that you have to savor not read too fast. Give it a try. Loved the 13th tale.

  21. Wonderful Library Loot Staci! I loved The Thirteenth Tale and the characters definitely stay with you. I think that you will like this one. Out Stealing Horses has intrigued me, I'll look forward to your review. I bought Nothing But Ghosts in support of Amy and Lenore's Book drive and it just arrived a few days ago. I can't wait to read it.

  22. I think you are really going to like 13 Tale. Of course since everyone is telling you that I almost hate to add to the high expectations!


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