Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter sucks in Michigan

Can I reiterate enough how much I hate F*K&^$G Michigan in the winter time? Last night the wind was blowing so hard that Matt and I discovered new leaks in the house! Just great huh? Have I told you how much I hate old houses? Well, I do. So There! Needless to say it is cold and windy again today and I'm just getting fed up with keeping the damn woodstove going. Woodstoves are great for the wonderful heat they put out but they're a pain-in-the-ass to keep them stoked up and always going. Especially because I'm the one that seems to make sure to get up in the middle of the night to add a few pieces of wood. And I'm the one right now who is awake to realize that the f*&^ing thing is having a hard time getting it into gear!!! I'm cranky so please excuse the profanity. I also think I suffer from depression brought on by the lack of sun!! O.K. enough of the ranting....

I finished another book, it wasn't spectacular but it was a nice little trip down memory lane.

Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran by Andy Taylor
I give it 3 out of 5 stars ***

The writing was o.k. He really should've gotten some help with it but if he did it all on his own then I applaud his efforts. But he is not a writer!! I was really hoping that he would go into a LOT of detail about his life in DD but he seemed to gloss over stuff and repeat himself constantly. This I found very irritating! He also has the knack of making himself the savior in almost all of the situations he describes. I found that a little troublesome. I believe he snorted too much cocaine!! If you loved Duran Duran from the very beginning, like me, then I think you will enjoy this book. It has a lot of flaws but it was kind of nice to remember the good ol' days of The Cure, Spandau Ballet, INXS, Live Aid, and all the great music from the 80's.

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