Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blustery day in the Thumb

Can I just tell you one more time how much I hate WINTER!!!! Good lord, the wind has not stopped since last night and we got another 2-3 inches of snow. I had big plans today. I wanted to get the last of my Christmas gifts purchased and all of my food for the holiday week and weekend. But there was no way that my Jeep was getting out of our driveway!! There must be 3 feet of snow against the barn doors. The poor cat, Pistol, is locked inside the barn! Don't worry Marcus has shoveled her out twice today and she has plenty of food. But he could shovel all day and the snow builds right back up within minutes. My hubby should be getting out of work soon and I'm worried if he will be able to get down our road!! Good ol' Michigan is broke, so that means our plow trucks don't run like these use to. I'm sure we won't get plowed out until late afternoon tomorrow!! It doesn't help our cause that the wind will still be blowing up to 25 mph and we're suppose to get another 2-4 inches!! Did I add that the wind chill is to get down to around -25 below??????

I'm sure these horses are wondering the same thing!! I am going to try to get out tomorrow and take photos off all this glorious white stuff but it really depends on if the wind is still wild and out-of-control!!

Today I accomplished a few things. I did all of the laundry, baked some chocolate chip muffins, drank a lot of coffee, kept that woodstove stoked and hot!!! And I also finished another book. Here is my lame review!!

Faefever (Book 3) by Karen Marie Moning
4 out of 5 stars ****

This book kicked some serious butt!! I don't remember how I stumbled across this series, I think it may have been on Goodreads. But whatever the case I absolutely love them. I truly can picture the main character Mac trying to stay alive in Dublin and trying to out-wit Barrons. But there are times that if I was Mac I would've just jumped that man!! Whew!! love the friction/chemistry between the two. The author also blends humor that is quite enjoyable and yet believeable in her story. Here is one of my favorite parts from the book:

Waiting outside for me was a thermos of coffee, a bag of doughnuts, a set of car keys, and a note. I unscrewed the thermos top, sipped the coffee, and unfolded the note.

Ms. Lane,
I would prefer you join me in Scotland this evening, but if you insist on helping the
old witch, here are keys, as you requested. I moved it for you. It's the red one, parked
in front of the door. Call if you change your mind.
I can send a plane as late as 4:00.


It took me a moment to figure out the initials. Constant Jackass. I smiled. "Apology accepted, Barrons, if it's the Ferrari."
It was.

If you enjoy series books, female lead characters, a little bit of fantasy, humor, and nice sprinkling of sex, then you just may enjoy this book!!

Well, I'm off to update my Goodreads and Scrapbook thread. Hope everyone stays warm tonight and many snowballs in your face to the ones that live in WARM climates!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun day. We froze our tooties off at my mom's today for our Christmas with my family. I love her old house, but today the wind blew right through.

    This series sounds good. Always can use a good sprinkling of s-e-x. :D

  2. ooooooooh this book sounds good - thanks for the referral!

  3. I hope you were able to get your shopping done after all. It's been very wet where I live with rain, and that's certainly no fun to drive in.

    I'm not familiar with Karen Marie Moning. I'll have to check out her books. Thanks for the recommendation!


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