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Somewhere Between Luck and Trust- Six Sentence Bookish Thoughts

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What Somewhere Between Luck and Trust is about:
Cristy Haviland served eight months in prison, giving birth behind bars to the child of the man who put her there and might yet destroy her. Now she's free again, but what does that mean? As smart as she is, a learning disability has kept her from learning to read. And that's the least of her hurdles. Georgia Ferguson, talented educator, receives a mysterious charm bracelet that may help her find the mother who abandoned her at birth. Does she want to follow the clues, and if she does, can reticent Georgia reach out for help along the way? Both women are standing at a crossroads, a place where unlikely unions can be formed. A place where two very different women might bridge the gap between generations and education, and together make tough choices.Somewhere between the townships called Luck and Trust, at a mountain cabin known as the Goddess House, two very different women may even, if they dare, find common ground and friendship.

I love stories where women are empowered to take control of their lives and to believe in themselves. This story was everything that I really love in women's fiction when it revolves around friendships, adversity, hope, and faith. Each woman involved in this book had their own issues and backstory, which they used to help Christy start to realize that she could actually achieve her deepest dreams and desires for a better life. Georgia's mysterious birth captured my imagination and I was emotionally  involved in her search for her biological mom. The direction that the author took with Georgia's story was really authentic and I appreciated the honest way it all ended for her.

Recommend? Yes, but I've been told that you really should read One Mountain Away before this one because it builds the framework of the women involved in running The Goddess House. I will certainly be picking up more books by this author!

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Published July 1st 2013 by Mira Books

Six Sentence Bookish Thoughts #119
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  1. I've got a few books by this author but haven't read any of them yet. The kindle editions were at great prices and they sounded really good. I haven't checked this series of hers out yet but I will as it sounds good too. On another note the covers of her books always beautiful.

  2. You summed it up perfectly and you are going to love One Mountain Away!!

  3. This is the second positive review for this book I've read.

  4. I think I might have One Mountain Away so I'll read that first. Glad you liked this one so much.

  5. The books are new to me but do sound good!

  6. Thats an interesting story line, I'm not sure I'd read it though.

  7. Phew ... this one would be really hard for me to read ... but I think I should :)

  8. Sounds like it makes for a good summer read!

  9. I'm always looking for new authors of good women's fiction. Thanks!

  10. I have One Mountain Away on my shelves and didn't realize it was connected to this one. I've really liked the few Richards' novels I've read.


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