Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mailbox Monday and It's Monday....What Are You Reading?

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 It Had to Be You is the latest installment in Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series and I must continue on with this series! True by Erin McCarthy just sounded good and let's be honest here...I enjoy a book heavy on the sex every now and again! Finally, Cowboy Take Me Away sounded sweet and for some reason hot, virile cowboys are a real turn-on. Adding this one to my NetGalley shelf was really a no-brainer!!! I'm sure many of my book friends have noticed that I've been in a serious romance mood for a while now and it doesn't show any signs of giving up its hold on me. I couldn't say no to any of these books and honestly, I'm really looking forward to reading these titles this summer!!

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Read and Talked about last week:
Nada, nothing, zilch, zero! My week was crazy busy with work and then traveling up north with my husband and son. Marc attended orientation and he registered for his first classes as a college student!! We took a tour of the campus and the dorm that he will be living in. The trip is 4 hours one way so it was a long Thursday/Friday for all of us. Saturday saw me busy outside mowing, cleaning the house and doing laundry. Sunday which was Mother's Day should have been a day of relaxation, but instead turned into priming the living room! I hate painting but it will look nice once it's all done! 

Bookish Thoughts to Share this week:
I'm really hoping that I find time to do post some bookish thoughts this week!! Life is picking up speed this week because Marc will be down to his final three days...FINAL 3 DAYS...of high school. Friday and Saturday will be his last high school play. I'm pretty sure I have reserved Sunday as a day of total meltdown!! But, if I can eek out some time I hope to post about the following books...................
  • The One I Left Behind
  • Book Two in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles
  • The Apple Orchard
May Book Box:
Reading on a whim.......


  1. Congrats to Marc! I have been reading more romance lately as well.

  2. I liked True- hope you do too! I haven't started the Lucky Harbor series yet, though I have the first book. Enjoy all your new reads and have a great week.

  3. High school os ending already? Awww summer vacation

  4. Karen thought True was ok but I think I'll give it a miss. I did get Jill Shalvis' latest though lol

    OMG can't believe Marc has just 3 days to go. Does he get much of a break before starting College? Meltdown or book thoughts ... whatever takes precedence I'm here for you. Big hugs my friend x

  5. I'd like to see your thoughts on the Apple Orchard.

  6. I'm so behind in the Shalvis series that I didn't pick up It Had to Be You. Hope you love it and the others!

  7. The Apple Orchard sounds good Staci.

    Hope u had a nice mother's day.

  8. I have to start Book 2 in the Wind Up Bird Chronicle too. That first section with the ordeal in the Mongolian desert was quite draining!

  9. Your son is finishing high school and my daughter is finishing elementary school and will be starting high school next year. Looks like we're both going through transitional periods with our kids! Enjoy your romantic titles.

  10. Enjoy your new books. I had one book in my mailbox and started to read is very good.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  11. What??!?!?!!?!? It Had To Be You is out all ready?????? Darn you woman for getting me hooked on her!! LOL!! Just playing my friend ... she is a good addiction to have!! HA!!! :)

  12. Staci ... Sometimes you catch me off guard and say something so damn funny that I laugh out loud. Today was one of those days! "... and for some reason hot, virile cowboys are a real turn-on."

    Girl, that was priceless.

    Congratulations on your son's last high school play and upcoming graduation. Proud mama!

  13. Have a great week of reading!

  14. We have the same life right now! My daughter is taking her last senior exam today and she graduates at the end of the week. Spent a few days recently with her at her university getting her early registration in order. Hard to believe my first one is ready to go out into the world. Yikes! I'm just rereading old favorite books right now for comfort.

  15. I'm not so familiar with the books in your mailbox, but I notice that you have Looking For Me in your sidebar which I'm also looking forward to reviewing. I've heard nothing but good about it so far!

  16. These look perfect for you. Enjoy!

  17. This is such an exciting time for all of you... who cares if you neglect the blog for a little while? Enjoy!!

  18. How exciting for you...and Marc. Congrats!

    Your books all look so tempting...enjoy!

  19. Where did the time go? I thought Marc was still in junior high!! I know this is an exciting time for your family but I'm already feeling sorry for you and your very empty nest this Fall.

  20. There's a Shalvis you haven't read yet?!

  21. Congratulations to Marc and to you!!! When you are an empty nester in the fall I bet you could get to Cleveland just as fast as to Marc's school. And Gage would have LOTS of time for you :)


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