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In the Pleasure Groove(audio)- More than Six Sentences Bookish Thoughts

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What In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran Duran is about:
In his frank, compelling autobiography, John recounts the highs - hanging out with icons like Bowie, Warhol and even James Bond; dating Vogue models and driving fast cars - all the while playing hard with the band he loved. But there were tough battles ahead - troubles that brought him to the brink of self-destruction - before turning his life around.

My heart broke a little bit when I realized that I was quickly coming to the end of this audio book. John became a treasured friend, someone who I quickly became accustomed spending my early morning driving time with, and also someone who I daydreamed about since the early 80's from the first moment I listened to Planet Earth!! I loved every single moment that I spent listening to John as he told his story of a young lad growing up in Birmingham, being a teen in the 70's music scene, meeting Nick Rhodes, and becoming a driving force behind Duran Duran. What I LOVED most was how authentic John was in telling his story. He didn't sugarcoat any of his mistakes, his drug and alcohol abuse, and being a lousy boyfriend. He was also such a true gentlemen by NOT dishing the dirt on his fellow bandmates and friends, and for that I respect him.

Recommend? If you were a Duranie then YES, of course you MUST read this. I was in love with John Taylor from the first moment I saw him. I knew one day that my last name would be Taylor...had to be,  because I was so going to marry this man!! (Got the same last name just a different guy!!) I saved my money so that I could buy the teen mags that always had some type of poster of Duran Duran or one of the guys. My bedroom walls were one big Duran Duran collage with John being the main focus. What I learned from this audio was that all those years mooning over a fantasy has led me to now realize that John Taylor is so very human, down-to-earth,  and truly someone I would be honored to call friend!

* Warning:  Listening to this audio book can lead to hours spent on YouTube watching Duran Duran videos, interviews, and singing at the top of your lungs....Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand.....

Narrator: John Taylor (I admit to pretending that he was sitting beside me in the car telling his story)
Length: 7 hours and 55 minutes

Six Sentence Bookish Thoughts #97
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  1. For some reason I am very selective about celebrity Bios/memoirs etc. Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze were the exceptions:)

  2. I liked some of Duran Duran's music but wouldn't call myself a Duranie but I do love memoirs so I bet I'd enjoy this book.

  3. I loved Duran Duran back in the day!! I will have to check this out!!

  4. LOL you crack me up, loved your thoughts on this one. Love Duran, Duran, they WERE my high school years ... The Reflex, The Wild Boys. Ever noticed his perfect lips?? lol

  5. That is so funny about you and Duran Duran! LOL

  6. Duran Duran was very popular when I was growing up and I remember one of my playmates always wanted to pretend that we were Nick and John's girlfriends. She got John and gave me Nick. LOL My husband is a big fan of theirs. I wonder if he'd like this one . . . He's a picky one, so it's hard to say.

  7. I wasn't a huge Duran Duran fan but I think I'd like this one anyway.

  8. Even though I'm not exactly a Duranie, I do like some of their music.... but I loved reading your thoughts on this one!

  9. I love that you loved this memoir! My kids were young when they were popular. I always think of Hungry Like a Wolf (that WAS them, wasn't it???).

  10. Now I have "Rio" and "Hungry Like a Wolf" stuck in my head.

  11. Ah yes, Duran Duran, they accompanied my angst-filled teenage days. I loved the fact that you called Taylor a gentleman because he didn't dish on his band members but focused on himself.

  12. Your thoughts made me smile :) Kinda makes me want to skip right to the videos~


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