Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ryan's Last Review!- Reckless by Cornelia Funke

Synopsis written by Ryan:
Jacob Reckless, that's his name when he's everything but reckless. But one reckless journey with his brother , Will, has Will changing into the very creature that cursed him. The creature, a Goyl, are ruthless, short tempered, and have skins of stone that wreak havoc when it comes to doing battle. For years, these creatures were unorganized and hunted by humans, but with the first king, Kami'en, the humans are now the hunted! No cure has been found to reverse the single swipe of a Goyl's claw that makes your skin turn to stone and puts hatred in your eyes. But Jacob is stubborn and will not quit trying to find a way to save his brother. Also, to further complicate things, a prophecy told by the Goyl king's lover, the Dark Fairy, speaks that a Goyl in jade skin will make him invisible. So guess what color Will's skin is changing? Jade! This makes him a huge target. Will Jacob find a cure and save his brother in time?

Recommend? As great as the story line sounds, it has its faults. First is that you are rushed into the story with little detail or knowing of how or what happened to Will. Second, when you are reading through the book it feels as though the author has little planned and it just going with it. This brings up situations that wind up being dead ends! For example, Jacob finds information about his father's disappearance and that's the end of it, nothing more ever said about his father. If the author would fill in the gaps of information and make new roads for the dead ends, this book would have amazed me.

Rating: 6/10

Source: Middle School Library

Read and reviewed by Ryan B. Ryan is currently in the eighth grade and loves to read just about anything I throw at him! He stops into the library almost on a daily basis always  eager to find the next great book to read!
** I just want to give a big shout out to Ryan for all of his fantastic reviews this year and to put it in stone how much I'm going to miss him when he heads over to the high school!!! 
  ~ Mrs. Taylor

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  1. Best wishes as you head off to high school Ryan!

  2. I've enjoyed your reviews Ryan--good luck in high school

  3. Oh a negative review - I love it! But boo on no more Ryan Reviews! Maybe it's time for Ryan to set up a blog!!!

  4. I can see why you would be a bit disappointed -- those 'wing' it type books are hard for me to follow too! Good luck in high school Ryan and thanks for the great reviews on Staci's blog!! I have enjoyed them!!

  5. Good luck in high school next year Ryan!

    Rushed books are so annoying to me, so I know how you feel. So is the the begining of a series so the reader at least gets answers to those questions?

  6. The dead ends would drive me nuts!

    I hope Ryan will continue to review books here even after he starts high school, or like Jill says, start his own blog. :)

  7. Thanks for your reviews, Ryan. I've enjoyed reading them. Good luck in high school!

  8. I have a kid starting high school too. Goes by so fast. So with high school, the reviews stop?? Come on, can do a few more ;)

    I hate when an author rushes right into the story without any build-up. I see that a lot with young adult books.

  9. Very good analysis of this book. I'll miss your book reviews here. Good luck in high school. Keep reading.

  10. I hope you will keeping on reading in High School Ryan :)

    As for Reckless, maybe I will not be reckless and read it then

  11. Ryan's reviews just keep getting better and better - he has really gotten good at keying in on what worked and what didn't and why. Best of luck to Ryan in high school!

  12. We'll miss you Ryan. Good luck in high school and keep reading!

  13. Will miss your reviews Ryan but good luck moving on to High School. I really wish my boys read (they're 18 and 20) hope you continue to love it!!


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