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Saturday Snapshot and Six Sentence Saturday- 2 for the price of 1

Saturday Snapshot
It’s easy to participate – just post a picture
that was taken by you, a friend, or a family member and add your link on Alyce’s site.
Left to right: Grandpa Brown and Grandpa Collins
I am the family historian. I'm the one who spends hours on and has researched both sides of my family endlessly. With that responsibility comes all of the family pictures. I love spending time looking at my loved ones faces when they were young. These two men are my grandfathers. I was looking at their photos the other day when I noticed that they're both wearing hats, something you just don't see much any longer. I thought it would make for a great Saturday Snapshot. These photos were taken some time in the mid-30's. 


Welcome to Six Sentence Saturday.
Where I try to express my thoughts on recent reads using only 6 sentences!!!!.
At the end of each review I will post a
rating scale of 1-5 using the cute and original (lol) Playing Cards.
Rating scale will be as follows:

5 of Hearts- You must read this book NOW!!
4 of Hearts- A great read, put it on your TBR list.
3 of Hearts- Happy that I read it...a good read.

2 of Hearts- Just O.K but nothing to write home about.
Joker Card - Don't bother (why did I?)

Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax (click on title for  synopsis)
Source: Joan Schulhafer Publishing & Media Consulting
Genre: Contemporary Women's Lit
Pages: 432
Published: May 3, 2011 Berkley Trade
ISBN: 9780425240861

My Thoughts: I picked the perfect time to read this book...when the weather gets a bit cooler and I long for the days of summer. The author did a great job creating these characters because I felt a kindred spirit with each one of them. I am a huge fan of strong female women and this story has them tenfold. What struck me the most is that even though they had lost all of their money they were not going to settle for crumbs. They put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the renovation of the beachfront home and were able to reap the rewards of hard work. If you're a fan of stories that encompass women's friendships, hardships, secrets and hope, then this may be a good read for you!

Disclaimer:Thank you to  Deb, Joan Schulhafer Media, and Berkley Trade for sending me a review copy. I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist.They are my personal reflections based solely on MYexperience while reading this novel.
 © 2011, Staci of Life in the Thumb. All Rights Reserved. If you reading this on a site other than, Life in the Thumb or Staci's feed, be aware that this post has been stolen and is used without permission.


  1. Those are fabulous old pictures of your grandfathers. They look like characters from a Steinbeck novel ;)

  2. I love these shots! I just became a fan of and have been researching on and off my genealogy on my father's side since his is much easier to trace having roots all the way back in America from the 1700s (German and Irish, and more). It's tough on my mother's side, since the Philippines doesn't have an extensive genealogy records system, unfortunately. I love the photos of your grandfathers most especially because of the hats, so romantic. I can imagine them tilting their hat just a tad and saying, "Ladies" as they passed by :)

  3. My aunt is our family historian and she's always digging up new info about our family...I love hearing the stories and seeing the artifacts :)

  4. What lovely photos! I agree men do look good in hats. Great review also. Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. I love the photos! About the only kind of hats you see on men these days is ballcaps.

    I'm anxious to read Ten Beach Road - I'm just crazy about Wendy!

  6. The hats look so similar! Love family photos...

    Here is my Saturday

  7. AWESOME photos and loveeeeeeeeee that you are capturing your history! My cousin is doing that for us too!! That book sounds GOOD! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Staci, what nice photos. I was mentioning on Margaret's post that I do not really have any photos of my grandparents (one or two of my moms parents and none of my dads).

  9. Love the photos, Staci. I enjoy looking at old snapshots...and you're right! They wore hats a lot back in the day.

    Even as a child, I remember my father wearing a hat when he went out.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Good for you for being the family historian! My younger brother is actually our official family historian (he's spent years researching & compiling copies of records/documents and traveling to locate old photos) and I am the scrapbooker/memory keeper. (My brother does the grunt work and I get the creative part.) We actually found a link in our family to an earl in Scotland in the 17th century!!! (I just knew I had some kind of connection to Jamie Frasier! ha!) Thanks for posting pics of your grandfathers - I adore old photos.

  11. I love the look of gentlemen in hats! I for one am determined to bring hats back in fashion, though I haven't found my perfect fedora yet.

  12. Men seemed so much classier then, didn't they. I can't imagine that in a few generations we'll look back at guys in baseball caps and think they look distinguished. Here's Mine

  13. I noticed the hats first thing too. It's fun to see how things have changed from the old photos. :)

  14. Love the pictures.... what great family keepsakes!

  15. I love old photos and those almost look like they were posed together! Great shots!

    Here's my snapshot.

  16. I am so impressed by your photos of your grandfathers. Were they taken professionally or just by someone wielding a camera?

  17. How far back have you researched your family? I was on earlier this fall looking for some information, it's an interesting website.

    My Grandma (Dad's side) has our heritage back for hundreds of years. On my Grandpa's side, they changed their name so we don't have much.

    It's so interesting to learn about family history.

  18. Love those photos! I think I remember my father wearing a hat like that when I was very young. As they went out of fashion and he got older, he switched to a ballcap. I love those hats and wish that they'd come back.

  19. Love the photos Staci, I can remember my Pop wearing a hat to town. Now that mum's gone and there's no other family on her side left, I'm the keeper of all the old photos; hours can go by looking through them.

    And thanks for letting me borrow Six Sentence Saturday ;) I got two reviews done super quick!!
    You know I'm a fan of women's friendship stories and I also love reno stories so Ten Beach Road sounds good to me.

  20. Family history is fun, I dabble a bit too. Old photos are great!

  21. My father had a hat like the one your Grampa Brown is wearing. He would never leave the house without it.

    Ten Beach Rd was a wonderful read. I loved it! So glad you enjoyed it too.

    Have a great week!

  22. I just love those pictures... and remember seeing my grandfather in a very similar hat :-)

  23. The old photos are great! I like the hats.

  24. Thanks for sharing the photos...I loved Ten Beach Road! I'm passing that one onto my mom...I can't wait to see what she thinks.

  25. Very nice.
    Photos and stories are part of our family heritage. Our grandchildren love to see old photos. It's one of the reasons to keep photo albums which one can hold and open.

  26. Love the photos of your grandfathers! I love the old pictures I find, especially ones with hats. Love hats!
    This book is on my wish list, glad you liked it.

  27. I'm so glad to see Six Sentences back. This book has been on my list. I'm glad you really liked it.


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