Saturday, July 24, 2010

Six Sentence Saturday

Welcome to Six Sentence Saturday.
Where I try to express my thoughts on recent reads using only 6 sentences!!!!.
At the end of each review I will post a
rating scale of 1-5 using the cute and original (lol) Playing Cards.
Rating scale will be as follows:

5 of Hearts- You must read this book NOW!!
4 of Hearts- A great read, put it on your TBR list.
3 of Hearts- Happy that I read it...a good read.

2 of Hearts- Just O.K but nothing to write home about.
Joker Card - Don't bother (why did I?)

Letter to My Daughter- George Bishop
Source: Shelf Awarenss/Random House Publishing
I actually enjoyed this book for the most part. It consists of short letters written to Laura's daughter who has just run away from home. Laura decides to share her own turbulent youth with her daughter in hopes that when she returns home they can make a connection. A lot of people have been blown away by how the author, who is a man, was able to convey the sort of emotions and reactions that a mom would have. I thought he did a pretty good job and I really did like going back into the past and seeing how Laura became the sort of parent that she did, now lets just hope that she's learned from the mistakes she made and gets a second chance to have the type of relationship with her daughter that she yearns for. This book took me less than 2 hours to read, I was satisfied at the end, and can easily recommend it to others.
My Rating:

Benny & Shrimp - Katarina Mazetti
Source: Caitlin Price, FSB Associates
I love quirky books and I really love them when they work from the beginning to the end. So here I was vastly invested in Benny and Shrimp, hoping for a realistic conclusion to their crazy love affair. Then came the last chapter and I found myself shaking my head trying to figure out what just happened. Then I read the author's notes and found out there is a sequel to this book, but I'm not sure if I care enough at this point to go search for it. I am glad to have met Benny, he was a character that I truly enjoyed, but Shrimp on the other hand was someone I really didn't warm up to.
Good book until the last chapter....beware reader!
My Rating:


  1. As you know, I'm with you all the way on Benny & Shrimp! It has been quite a while since the publication - I wonder when the sequel will come!

  2. I think I liked Letter to My Daughter a little bit more than you did. It sounds like Benny & Shrimp is one to miss.

  3. I ashamed to say I've had Benny and Shrimp for almost a year and haven't read it yet. Now, thanks to you, I'll read it up to the last chapter and wait for the sequel.

  4. Sounds like Bishop did a good job. I gave Benny & Shrimp 3 stars but didn't recommend it very highly either. Hope your next read is a better one for you.
    I just finished The Elephant Keeper and it was wonderful.

  5. Benny and Shrimp were indeed quirky characters. I missed the part about the sequel though. Liked the story, but not enough to read a sequel.

  6. I have had to review Letters to My Daughter for several months now. Can I just post a link to your review? You summed up my feelings perfectly :)

  7. I read both of these as well and think I rated them 3/Benny and 4/ Letter....okay but certainly better books out there.

  8. That first one sounds really good.... and too bad the second one didn't do it for ya!! Did you ever get my book I sent you??? :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. You've scared me away from Beeny & Shrimp. I hate endings like that!

  10. I love quirky, too. Sorry this book didn't pan out so well though. :(

  11. Benny and Shrimp really interested me when it first came out and I have read a few good reviews for it. But far more agree with your opinion.

  12. Benny & Shrimp is in my piles somewhere. I guess I won't worry about reading it in any great hurry. lol.


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