Saturday, June 19, 2010

Six Sentence Saturday

Welcome to Six Sentence Saturday.
Where I try to express my thoughts on recent reads using only 6 sentences!!!!.
At the end of each review I will post a
rating scale of 1-5 using the cute and original (lol) Playing Cards.
Rating scale will be as follows:

5 of Hearts- You must read this book NOW!!
4 of Hearts- A great read, put it on your TBR list.
3 of Hearts- Happy that I read it...a good read.

2 of Hearts- Just O.K but nothing to write home about.
Joker Card - Don't bother (why did I?)

The Aloha Quilt (Elm Creek Quilts #16)- Jennifer Chiaverini
I've enjoyed Elm Creek Quilts series since the very first book. There have been a few that didn't leave me very satisfied at the end, but that wasn't the case with The Aloha Quilt. I pretty much loved everything in this story, most especially the location- Hawaii. I enjoy learning about different cultures and how women quilt in other parts of the country. This book centers on Bonnie's impending divorce and what she decides to do with her life after the ending of her marriage. If you're a fan of this series, this one will not disappoint!!
 My Rating:

Louisa and the Missing Heiress (A Louisa May Alcott Mystery #1) -  Anna Maclean
I picked this one up from my library sale for a quarter mostly because I'm interested in Louisa May after reading the fabulous book, The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, and because I can't pass up an interesting looking read for such a cheap price!! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say that I loved Louisa as an amateur sleuth!! It was fun to put the pieces to the puzzle together with Louisa and to see her interaction with polite society. Maclean did a great job of bringing the underbelly of Boston to life and I could really picture the wharves with the fog, beggars, and the ladies of the night. Several times I thought I had solved the mystery of who killed Louisa's dear friend Dot, but alas I was not correct in my assumptions. I enjoyed this one enough to go looking for book #2!!
My Rating:


  1. Who doesn't love a book set in Hawaii? The Aloha Quilt sounds wonderful.

  2. The Aloha Quilt sounds good. I don't think I've read one single book set in Hawaii!!!

  3. Great reviews! I'm intrigued by the Louisa May Alcott book, I'll have to look if they have it at my library!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh these sound FABULOUS!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Staci, as usual, I had a good time with your Six Sentence reviews. I bet they are harder than they look. They look effortless. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed THE ALOHA QUILT as well. I loved all the Hawaii info and I didn't even know about the quilting style that was Hawaiian, did you?

    I've seen the Louisa mysteries, but have not read one yet. It can go on the endless list.

  6. Looks like a couple of good books, Staci!

  7. You could never leave the Louisa book on the table for just .25. It would have been criminal!

    Just don't forget your secret mission, *wink* wink* ;)

  8. Since I plan on retiring to Hawaii I must read the Aloha Quilt. For all of my big Hawaiian obsession, I never read a story set there.

  9. I didn't realize there was a Louisa May Alcott mystery series. Sounds neat.


  10. As usual I love your six sentence reviews. And, they are hard to do, although probably not for you.

    You mentioned in another post the LMA mystery series so I had to check out my library. They have one so I put a hold on it. Should be fun.

  11. I've only read the first in the Elm Creek series and enjoyed it, but just haven't made it to the second yet. It's good to know that it's still going strong at the 16th.

  12. You know what, while I'd probably really enjoy both of these, I also probably never get around to reading either of them. *sigh* Too little time, and all that.

    Anyway, I just had to drop in and give you *huge hugs* and tell you how much I've been missing you!!!!

  13. I've only read the first Quilt book, but do plan on continuing with the series someday. By the time I make it to this one it will be many years in the future!

  14. they both sound very good--I haven't been able to get to the alcott challenge. I'd really like to read some of her books.

  15. Well, I'm going to have to be looking for that Louisa May Alcott mystery.


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