Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Library Loot and Waiting on Wednesday

Library Loot hosted by Eva and Marg
asks us to list what we brought home from
the library this week.

As it is now summer and I have some extra free time to read, I'm not quite so uptight in regards to how many books I have checked out. But that doesn't mean that I'm planning on going, instead I'm trying to get them all read BEFORE they're due!! Imagine that!

Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen
** I've been a Dessen fan for years so of course I had to read her newest....I'm the only one to blame for this one!

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
** Loved her first novel, Sharp Objects and I immediately put my name on the list for this one.

The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil
** The title grabbed me immediately and then when I read the book jacket I was hooked!

To Read List Total today 6/24/2009: 781
Last Week's To Read List total 6/17/2009: 777
Books Read in 2009 to date: 86 ( read 6 this past week)
Number of Books Checked out from the library: 22 (down 2 from last week!)
Book Blogger Buddies Recommendations TBR List: 159!!!


Waiting on Wednesday
is hosted by
Jill over at Breaking the Spine
that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Tricks by Ellen Hopkins
Release date: August 25, 2009

I can not wait!!! She is one of my ultimate favorite YA authors. I love her stories that brings important topics to teens in such an original and mesmerizing way!!

From Goodreads:
Five teenagers from different parts of the country. Three girls. Two boys. Four straight. One gay. Some rich. Some poor. Some from great families. Some with no one at all. All living their lives as best they can, but all searching...for freedom, safety, community, family, love. What they don't expect, though, is that they can have all of these things when those powerful little words "I love you" are said for all the wrong reasons. Five moving stories remain seperate at first, then interweave to tell a larger, powerful story- a story about making choices, taking leaps of faith, falling down, and growing up.

What book are you waiting for ?


  1. The new Dessen sounds really good. And so sound all the old Dessens I haven't read yet :P

    As for me, I am a anxiously awaiting the new Patrick Ness. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea when it will come out *cries*

  2. I love all of those covers!! I'm waiting for Byatt's new book, but it doesn't come out until October. :/

  3. The knitting book sure sounds good, and I must look up Dessen :)

  4. I thought the same thing about Beach Street Knitting but was really having trouble getting into it. I think I'm going to end up hating one of the characters so much, I don't finish the book. Glad it was from the library but sad too since that means I'm less likely to try again.

  5. Nice group, and nice covers too. I loved Sharp Objects, it got so tense I had to finish it in one go.
    86 books read this year, you're ahead of me, good for you. Enjoy your loot.

  6. Dark Places looks so good - can't wait to see what you think of it.

  7. I've never heard of the knitting book, but I'm going to look for it (and blame it on you, LOL). It's too hot to knit, so I might as well read about knitting!

  8. I have yet to read a Dessen or a Hopkins...I know, shameful, right?

  9. I'm sure you'll like Dark Places. Great loot!

  10. Dark Places was really creepy but good. Great Loot; enjoy

  11. I am making my way through Ellen Hopkins right now. I have Burned planned to read next.

  12. Your WoW pick sounds really great! Looks like you got some fabulous books at the library too. Happy reading!

  13. Wowwwwwwwww...that "tricks" sounds good! :):):):):):):)

  14. Are you a knitter too? If so this is too funny, becasue I am too :)
    I'm actually stopping at my local branch tonight to pick up Alice in Wonderland. Never read it and now I have an itch too.

    Nice haul and your Waiting book sounds good.

  15. I like your new design too. Very pretty.

  16. Tricks sounds really interesting!

  17. My book club book is out of print and I'm unable to get it. So I'm kind of lost for a minute as to what I should read :) your choices look great, and only three-what restraint.

  18. So.... I'm going to head out to check on the knitting book too. Hopefully it's a good read. If you get to it before we do, will you let us know?

  19. Reading books before they are due back at the library. That does sound like a novel concept!

  20. Hi!
    All your books sound great! I think I would like the knitting book the best. Have a great day!!


  21. Oooh, you just made me a happy girl! I bought Sharp Objects a while back because the blurb on the cover sounded so good, but I haven't seen anyone mention it. So glad to hear you loved it!

  22. I've heard really good things about Hopkins, but I've never read anything by her. Tricks sounds really interesting, something that would make me think. I'm waiting for The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson.

  23. Ooh I loved Sharp Objects too. My library still doesn't have her latest - what's wrong with them! Hope you'll enjoy it and looking forward to your thoughts on it.

  24. Like you new layout. Looks like another good week for reading.

  25. How is Dark Places? I was about 20 pages into and then I had to bring it back to the library. The first 20 pages were a little slow so I am debating whether or not to order it again. What do you think?


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