Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009-02: What It Means To Be A Weekly Geek

For our second Weekly Geeks of the new year and our second post without our founder Dewey, Joanne of The Book Zombie has these questions:

For those who have been with the group, either from the start or joined within recent months, what does being a member mean to you? What do you enjoy about the group? What are some of your more memorable Weekly Geeks that we might could do again? What could be improved as we continue the legacy that Dewey gave us?

For those just joining us, why did you sign up for Weekly Geeks? What would you like to see here?

Well, I fall into the latter area because this is only my second posting on Weekly Geeks. One of the reasons why I signed up was that I liked the different questions that were asked each week and felt that it would give a little bit of variety to my blog, especially on those days when nothing fantastical (which is more often than not) was happening in my world. I liked the idea of having an assignment and being interactive with other bloggers out there in the vast world of internet. The other reason I signed up is because I love meeting people (even though it is online) and getting to catch a glimpse into their world. I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur if you will. I love to visit blogs and to let someone know that I was there. More traffic means more sharing of ideas, thoughts, books, and yes, dreams!!


  1. I have only participated a couple of times in Weekly Geek events, and that was early on. You've named the reasons I really like the idea of Weekly Geeks. :-)

  2. Yes, what you said. Great post - you said it much better than I did. Thanks for visiting my blog. I need one of those things that talks to me and tells me I've been on too long. :)


  3. Weekly Geeks is great because it really builds a sense of community. I love the happy little family we have. :)

  4. What a great post! I think you are completely right, especially your last sentence!! Well said!

  5. great post ;) WG is a great way to meet other bloggers.

    and I like your avatar! I love that movie.

  6. This always makes me chuckle....weekly GEEK. :D

    Your post is wonderful. WG sounds like a great way to meet others.

  7. Well said and welcome to the Weekly Geeks! :)


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