Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays

TEASER TUESDAYS asks you to:
  • Grab your current read.
  • Let the book fall open to a random page.
  • Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
  • You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!
  • Please avoid spoilers!

  • Here is mine:

    As Caroline Slept it off later than night in the extra twin bed that's been in my room for her since kindergarten, I wrote to Tal. Was it all the caffeine I consumed riding the night out with Caroline, or the leftover ganja haze of the reggae club when we'd passed the night?

    p.49 from Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan


    1. Sounds like quite the night! ;-)

    2. Great tease! I may have to pick that one up ... I've been tempted. Happy book blogging!

    3. Very good teaser! Isn't that one a movie now? Someone told me it was a GREAT story!! Hope you are enjoying it . . .

      Here's my Teaser! ~ Wendi

    4. Love that teaser! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    5. What an interesting title! It's enough to make me want to check it out, but your teaser definitely helps too! =)

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

    6. The construction of words were good, especially '..was it the caffeine I consumed riding the night out with.. or the leftover ganja haze..' I should say, they sound like Malay Language and when being translated to English, they are better.
      And yeah.. the title sounds interesting too!

    7. Sounds like a crazy night! I live over in the pinky! LOL

    8. I was just reading A Perfect Woman by L.P. Hartlet (1956) over lunch and the last sentence I read fell on p.253:

      "Then why bother to ask Harold to divorce her? She was free to go to London when she liked. She was no longer pricked by guilt, her double life had become second nature to her. She felt she had grown up, and in growing up had shed such adolescent bogies as the fear of being found out."

    9. I keep hearing about this book but didn't know much about it. Thanks for the inside sneak peak with your Teaser!


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