Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday 9 and the snow has finally stopped!!

Saturday 9: Holiday Cheer

1. Does the holiday season stress you out? If yes, how do you cope? At times I let the holiday stress me out but its nothing that 3 or 4 beers, or a whole bottle of Boonesfarm can't handle!! :)

2. Are you ever so busy in December that you have to force yourself to chill? I work as a librarian in a middle school so I get 2 weeks off every December. That's when I chill!

3. Do you sleep well at this time of year? Not too bad.

4. Have you ever taken a sleigh ride? No, I haven't but I think it would be great fun!!
If yes, tell us about it.

5. Do you live close to the parts of your family you spend the holidays with? Nope, they all live more than 3 hours away.

6. What will you have for Christmas dinner? Spiral ham, homemade mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, onion wraps, pie, and lots of wine!

7. Do you diet after the holidays? No, I just try to go back to eating in moderation.

8. What’s the best part of the season for you? When it is over!!!!! Too much commercialism has really ruined it for me. Thank goodness I didn't see that when I was a kid!

9. How many generations of your family get together during the holidays? Well, a long time ago it use to be at least 3 generations, now it is just 2.

Update on the weather here in Michigan.
It finally stopped snowing here in the Thumb!! Yeah, come to find out we got about 1 foot!! And of course it didn't help that it was blowing big time last night!! And in case you read yesterday's post, we were able to get out of our driveway, down our dirt road to the blacktop and make it with plenty of time to spare to the airport!!


  1. I used to want to be a librarian when I was a kid :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Staci, I live in Ohio so I understand what you're going through. A foot of snow is a lot!!
    We haven't had that much yet but you never know what winter will hold!! Enjoy your 2 week break, being a librarian at a school sounds like an enjoyable job!

  3. Christmas dinner sounds yummy. Gotta love the weather!


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