Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

Every Tuesday, Diane @ Bibliophile by the Sea
 posts the opening paragraph (maybe two) of a book
 she decided to read based on the opening paragraph (s).
 Feel free to grab the banner and play along!

My selection this week is from These Girls, a review book that I'm really excited about reading because this is my first experience with author, Sarah Pekkanen. 

"Hold it!" A voice commanded.
  The elevator was already crowded- at a few minutes before 10:00 a.m., everyone was heading for the upper floors of the Manhattan skyscraper that housed office space for a half  dozen glossy magazines- but Cate Sommers instinctively reached out and prevented the doors from closing.
  The air cracled with energy as Trey Watkins stepped inside, and Cate saw one young woman nudge another. Trey wore faded jeans, hiking boots, a green henley shirt, and his cheeks were slightly windburned, as if he'd just finished scaling a mountain. Which he probably had, right before he'd started a fire by rubbing two sticks together, and, Cate thought as she managed to avoid rolling her eyes, possibly shimmied up a tres to save a stranded bear cub.

Would you continue reading this one
 based on the opening paragraph?


  1. Very descriptive for sure. I would read more. Hope this is a good one Staci.

  2. I'd read it because of the setting - Manhattan skyscraper, home of glossy magazine offices. I'd want to know what goes on there...

  3. I'd read, yes! I love big cities and am curious about the lives of people who live there.

  4. That's a great first paragraph! I would totally keep going. I want to read this author anyway - I have 2 of her books in my TBR pile!

  5. Yes, I'd definitely keep reading! Just recently learned about this author on Sandy's blog.

  6. Yes, I am now intrigued! Thanks for sharing...I have been meaning to read another book by this author.


  7. I am looking forward to this one. I loved Skipping A Beat.

  8. sounds good, enjoy your book . . . and I think I'd keep reading.

  9. I'd keep reading. I've only read one of this author's books. It actually sounds like an old-fashioned romance/chic-lit novel.

  10. I'm going to be reading this one soon and can't wait!

  11. I read Skipping a Beat and would read this one.

  12. Yep! Sounds like Cate has a great sense of humour and I love that :)


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