Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mini Challenge #3

  From: 'Til We Read Again

 And The Nominees Are....

*** This challenge is for the participants in Deweys 24 Hour Read A Thon Only***

Welcome to Hour 3 Mini Challenge. I will be your host:) This challenge is just for fun.  Listed below is a series of questions. Please put your nominees for the following categories.

Please list the books in which the characters reside;)

Favorite Female Character in a book: Elizabeth Bennett Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Male Character in a book: Quentin Jacobsen Paper Towns
Favorite Side Kick in a book: Grandma - Stephanie Plum Series
Favorite Couple in a Book: Jamie and Clair Fraser- Outlander Series
Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter
Favorite Author: Jane Austen
Favorite Book Cover: The Grand Sophy
Favorite Book of 2009: The Road


  1. Lol! I laugh just to think of grandma Mazur, I swear she is hilarious. great choice for a sidekick.

    Happy reading :)

  2. Jamie and Clair rock!

    Love Elizabeth too!

  3. I totally forgot about Grandma and Lulu! I need to amend my answers. Jamie and Claire are my fav couples too. Going to take a short walk and listen to Fiery Cross. Keep on reading.

  4. LOL...Grandma Mazur...that's the perfect choice!!! :D


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