Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: Meet Mia!

Mia the Meek
Mia Fullerton has entered her freshman year at St. Hilary s with a goal: to lose her nickname Mia the Meek, and soar into a confident high school career. U
nfortunately, her transformation is made harder by her English-teacher mom, bratty little brother, already popular nemesis, and new neighbor.

My thoughts:

Mia is so many of us. She has the same fears, insecurities, bratty siblings, and those over-bearing, but loving parents that we all had to endure during our high school years. The author did a great job of putting the reader right smack dab into Mia's world. I laughed at so many of the situations that Mia found herself in and many times caught myself remembering my "first crush" and how my insides got all wobbly and gushy feeling. I also understood and remembered how it felt when someone you were best friends with during elementary and junior high suddenly becomes your Number One Enemy. Why does that happen? Because there is so much growing between the summer. Between the ages of 14 and 15....and that is totally reflected here in this book. One of the highlights for me is that the author is a junior-high teacher. She gets it, the cliques, the first kiss, how social status is almost everything, having your parent be your teacher and she understands teens. She's not only experienced all of this herself but she's seen in first hand!! I loved this first look into Mia's life and eagerly grabbed the next book in the series.........

Mia the Melodramatic

Summer has finally arrived, but Mia Fullerton does not have much to celebrate. Her best friend, Lisa, is spending the summer at a Mensa camp, and her boyfriend, Tim, will be at his grandparents house in Maine. So, stuck with a choice of spending the next two months hanging out with her younger brother, Chris who has declared a prank war on her or taking a job on the stage crew at a local children s theater group, Mia chooses the lesser of two evils and begins working at Little Tyke.

My thoughts:

This one was hilarious!!! I loved how Mia and Tim made each other jealous and played all of those silly love games. Mia's relationship with her brother Chris reminded me so much of mine with my little brother. Oh, those were the days!!! During this book we get to see Mia become more independent and having a lot for faith in herself and her abilities. I really liked how the author portrayed the parents and thought Mia did a good job of earning their trust and getting to reap the rewards of that by going out on a "date."

I'm a fan of Mia's and these books will be gracing the shelves at my middle school this fall. I think this is a series for 6th grade + . Girls will easily identify with Mia. This is not a hard-edged YA series, but rather one that is still very innocent, but not entirely naive. If you have a young daughter at home I highly recommend this series. I think a mom/younger daughter book club would especially enjoy this series. Everyone would have much to talk about. Moms- because we've been there done that. Girls-because this is what happening right now in their world.

If you would like to know about the author, Eileen Boggess,
please visit her website.

Thank you to Bancroft Press for giving me the opportunity to review both of these gems!!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh these sound like FUN....and you're right...I believe we can ALL relate! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. This does sound like a great series! The covers are great, too!

  3. These books sound perfectly adorable, nice review.

  4. These sound really good! And yes! best friends one day, worst enemy the next! So painful!!! I'm always impressed when an adult author can replicate a kid or ya mindset so exactly!

  5. I love your reviews, these books sound like such fun to read!

  6. This series sounds like fun!


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